Zatox & Italian Hardstyle are back


Times are changing, and old forces unite again to pave a path to the future. Zatox is proud to present the return of a legendary label in the Scantraxx universe - Italian Hardstyle is back. 


The Italian Maestro Zatox is a name that is synonymous with the legendary legacy of the Harder Styles. His unique style, modern yet with signature classic Italian Hardstyle power, will be fully represented in the label. A new chapter with new music awaits. A new musical adventures is ahead. 

Born in 2010, Italian Hardstyle was initially formed as a collaboration between Zatox and Scantraxx. Hosting classic releases such as the Creation EP, the original Raw Style EP, which gave birth to the genre we know today as Raw, and even a Decibel anthem, Italian Hardstyle left a deep mark on the scene and it was undoubtedly missed when it departed. 


The first release, Drop The Bomb, will see the light of day on the 1st of December. Zatox will present an exclusive showcase of his upcoming new music and label on the 3rd of December at the 20 Years of Scantraxx event. 


“Preparatevi ad un nuova era con Italian Hardstyle.”


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