Our Story - A Legacy of Innovation in Hard Dance Music

In 2002, Dov Elkabas, also known as DJ The Prophet, unleashed SCANTRAXX into the scene—a groundbreaking record label that completely revolutionized the Hard Dance music genre. Over the past 20 years, SCANTRAXX has not only established itself as the ultimate platform for top-tier music but also built up a massive music catalog, boasting significant achievements, including scoring the No. 1 track "Live The Moment" by JDX ft. Sara Maria and the No. 2 track "Music Made Addict" by D-Block & S-te-Fan in the Q-dance Top 100 Hardstyle tracks of all time. 

Providing a launchpad for aspiring talents to nurture their careers and offering established artists an opportunity to elevate their artistic journeys even further, SCANTRAXX has consistently been at the forefront of innovation and excellence. Its influence is further evident in its artists' widespread recognition and success, many of whom have achieved international acclaim and are featured in esteemed rankings such as the DJ Mag Top 100. Additionally, SCANTRAXX's legacy is underscored by its legendary labels, such as A2 Records and Unleashed Records, and powerful partnerships, including D-Block & S-te-Fan for SCANTRAXX Evolutionz, Zatox for Italian Hardstyle, and JDX for PL4N3T X.

Embracing the Future with a Unified Vision

As SCANTRAXX celebrates over 20 years of passion and dedication, its vision evolves. The mission is twofold: to elevate the stars who define the genre and to discover new artists that resonate with SCANTRAXX’s core values and are pioneering the Hard Dance scene.

In embracing the entire spectrum of Hard Dance music, SCANTRAXX has streamlined its label structure. SCANTRAXX and SCANTRAXX BLACK, previously operating as separate entities, have merged into one main label: SCANTRAXX. This consolidation breaks down boundaries, allowing for a more diverse and integrated musical experience.

SCANTRAXX’s 'next in line' labels, SCANTRAXX Silver and SCANTRAXX Carbon, have united to form SCANTRAXX NEXXUS, a nexus for all emerging sounds and the next generation of Hard Dance artists. SCANTRAXX PROSPEXX continues its role as the cradle for nurturing nascent stars.

“Welcome to the new SCANTRAXX”

A Logo Reflecting SCANTRAXX’s Six Pillars

SCANTRAXX’s logo, encapsulated in a hexagon, represents the six pillars of its mission: Passion & Love for Hard Dance Music, Artist Success, Meaningful Connections, Quality & Service, Innovation & Creativity, and Global Community & Memories. 

Join SCANTRAXX on this journey as they continue to explore, discover, and redefine the boundaries of Hard Dance music, unified under its streamlined label structure. Together with artists, fans and partners, SCANTRAXX crafts a future rich in innovation and unity.

Scantraxx' Mission & Vision

With passion and love for Hard Dance music, we want to contribute to the success of our artists by offering a platform to fulfill their needs and create memorable connections with fans, providing a high-quality service on all levels.

Drawing upon our extensive experience and strong relationships, we are committed to becoming and staying the preeminent Hardstyle label. By being open-minded towards trends, pushing boundaries and developing artists on all levels, we seek to set the standard for innovation, creativity, and excellence to create memories with Hard Dance fans globally.


Dov Elkabas
Owner & Founder
Jorik Helmink
General Manager
Robbert Verbree
Label Manager
Xander van der Aa
Marketing Manager
Roy van Nieuwenhuizen
Mika Delsing
Social Media Manager
Marijn Cardon
Music & Marketing Assistant
Demi Kanon
Jacopo Mariotti
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