Drop your demo

Drop your demo

Welcome to the Scantraxx demo drop. Below you can submit your unsigned production. Please take the following criteria into account before submitting your demo:

Important before your upload

  • Send your track as a .mp3 file
  • Harder styles only
  • No work in progress, no snippets, only fully finished projects.
  • Your demo will be inspected and judged by our high-level producers Thomas Duddridge and Demi Kanon
  • In case we approve the demo, we will contact you by email

You may assume that once you’ve submitted your demo this way, we have received it in good order and that our team will listen to your track. Therefore, please don’t submit your track more than once. In case of interest, we will contact you within 30 days.

Team Scantraxx

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Thanks for the demo submission. Our A&R team will listen to all demos. If your demo fits one of our labels, you will get a response within 30 days.

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