Prospexx presents: Sylenth & Thieves Q&A


Thieves of Dreams and Sylenth, better known as Alex and Samuele, are two Italian Hardstyle producers and together with Sedutchion they came up with their new collaboration called ‘Dead Silence’. The track got released on Scantraxx Prospexx yesterday and therefore we decided to do an interview with the DJs to get them to know a little bit better!

First of all, Alex and Samuele were quite young when they found out about Hardstyle. They got inspired by the Italian DJs from back in the days. For example, Davide Sonar and Tatanka were very popular back then and that’s how they got into Hardstyle. ‘It has been my favorite genre ever since’ Samuele says.

They both loved the hardstyle scene so much that they started producing at an early age. The passion of creating own things and implementing feelings into a track is what drives them the most. ‘Seeing the reaction of people who get excited listening to what I do is something magical and fills my heart with happiness!’ Samuele says. ‘I have always loved the way of being able to convey my feelings and sensations through my music.’ Alex says in addition to Samuele.

Thinking out of the box and finding something unique is what Samuele really loves. However, Alex is more into rough and clean sounds. This is what makes this collaboration interesting. ‘Together we have studied something particular to offer to the public, we have put together our knowledge and sounds to have a product well blended between our two styles’ they both say.

By working together, we have found a great understanding together. We both manage to understand what the other would like and make it happen on the project. By joining forces, we are able to give life to very strong ideas and this is certainly a strong point for our collaborations.

They are both working their way to the top! The main goal of Samuele is to reach more people with his music, to hit their feelings and to improve his own skills when it comes to producing. Alex’s goals are mainly to reach as many people as he can with his music. By improving his skills by learning new techniques and broadening his style is what drives him the most. ‘I'm also lucky enough to have a lot of ideas in my head and be very quick to create a track so people from me will have to expect an avalanche of tracks per year.’ Alex says.

With that being said, it is safe to say that Thieves of Dreams and Sylenth will have a lot more in store for us! Not only on solo productions, also new collaborations are in the making as well! Their latest collaboration with Sedutchion is out now on all available portals.

Featured track

Sedutchion,Sylenth,Thieves of Dreams
Dead Silence
Scantraxx PROSPEXX
14 / 04 / 2022
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