Scantraxx at ADE 2023: A 360-Degree Hardstyle Experience


Get ready to experience hardstyle like never before at this year's Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). In this article, we'll explore the planned events, speaking with Jorik, our General Manager at Scantraxx, who shared exciting details about what to expect from Scantraxx during ADE 2023. Join us on this 360-degree journey! 

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What to expect from Scantraxx at ADE

Jorik promises that we're going all-in at ADE with Scantraxx this year. "We want to show the music industry that after 20 years, we are still alive and kicking, not just with the successful pop-up store like last year. This year, we will host the pop-up store on the Wednesday of ADE, but this one day will be full of activities, such as meeting the Scantraxx team, live A&R and demo drop, new merch releases, and discounts on older Scantraxx merchandise. We're even offering free label or artist logo tattoos, and we'll conclude the day with a vinyl auction for charity.

But that's not all. Besides the free-to-access Scantraxx Pop-Up Store, we will host two events showcasing two sides of our label at the renowned music venue, Q-Factory. "On Friday, we will present the purest form of hardstyle, blending classic hardstyle with the current 'mainstream' sound during 'Alchemy Of Sound.' On Saturday, we're taking things up a notch with a collaboration event with the promising label Savage Squad, under the name 'The Hardstyle Showdown'."

Alchemy Of Sound - a unique concept

Our Friday event promises to be truly exceptional and a concept unlike any other. "What makes Alchemy Of Sound a special and unique event is the fusion of classic sounds with the current mainstream sound, all without the raw elements! You'll experience the most beautiful melodies combined with well-known sing-along vocals and energetic kicks." If you love hardstyle, this is an event you must witness!

A Raw Hardstyle Day Party - The Hardstyle Showdown

"The Hardstyle Showdown stands for the future of raw hardstyle within Scantraxx, combined with the upcoming label Savage Squad and their entire artist roster," explains Jorik, our General Manager. "During this label showdown, these artists will present their unique raw sounds. It's the perfect kickstarter for your ADE weekend, as the event begins at 13:30."

The last tickets are now available

We're taking ADE 2023 by storm, offering an array of experiences that cater to all hardstyle enthusiasts. Whether you're into classic melodies, sing-along vocals, energetic kicks, or the rawest sounds in the genre, Scantraxx has something special in store for you. Don't miss out on this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of hardstyle music and be part of the Scantraxx legacy. See you at ADE for an unforgettable musical journey!

Tickets for Alchemy Of Sound and The Hardstyle Showfown are available here

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