Exclusive Interview with the rising Mexican star Karina Rosee!


Karina Rosee is a known name here at SCANTRAXX. With a high-energy release on our PROSPEXX platform, she now moves onto her first release on SCANTRAXX NEXXUS. Her new track: “OH MY GOD” marks an important milestone in her career as a DJ/Producer. Today we asked her about her motivation and thought process behind making music. Read more down below!

First of all, congrats on your release on SCANTRAXX NEXXUS! How do you feel about moving up in the hardstyle scene with this release?
Thank you so much!! I´m very happy to have a release again on SCANTRAXX and even more so, on NEXXUS. Very grateful for the support and trust towards my work!

Of course, we are all curious, who is the person behind the act “Karina Rosee”? What can you tell us about yourself?
Well, my boyfriend and I have lived together for years, so I'm a housewife, I'm a mom, I'm a fitness girl and I make music every chance I get hahahaha, I really have a lot of activities, like a normal person, I'm not only dedicated to music, that's why I try to take advantage of every space to do something cool!

How were the reactions when you first premiered the track live?
I played it for the first time at Dreamfields, it was very cool. People shouted along! I really like the audience's reaction when you show them something new!

"I have always thought that each track has some progress in the production"

What sets “OH MY GOD” apart from your other tracks?
I think the quality, I have always thought that each track has some progress in the production, that each one sounds better than the previous ones, because you have more and more experience.

Do you notice a lot of differences between the scene in Mexico vs in Europe?
Not many, but a very important one! The Hard scene is by far bigger in Europe than in Mexico, but the good news is that it continues to grow!

What are your goals for the future when it comes to music production and bookings?
In terms of music, the goal does not change... Make tracks until people recognize me for my music!!
In terms of bookings, there are still many festivals that I would like to play at, like Intents, Airbeat One, or Tomorrowland….

We’re curious if you have more in store for us. Can you tell us something about upcoming plans or releases?
There will be a lot more music coming this year, I hope to have more releases on SCANTRAXX too!! I also have some big festivals coming up, I hope to tell you about them very soon!

Lastly, what is your ultimate dream as an artist?
I think that in the end, I am already fulfilling my dream, because when I started as a DJ, I never thought I would get this far, and although I still have much more to do, at this moment I would like my music to be heard all over the world!!!

Karina Rosee
Scantraxx PROSPEXX
01 / 06 / 2023
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