Nightcraft Ascends to Scantraxx Main Label: A New Chapter


Last Saturday, at Scantraxx x Savage Squad: The Hardstyle Showdown, we announced a monumental milestone in the career of DJ and producer Nightcraft, also known as Roy Stolzenbach. After years of dedication, innovation, and worldwide performances, Nightcraft is stepping up to the prestigious Scantraxx main label.

Nightcraft's ascension to the Scantraxx main label marks a significant moment in his career, and he can't help but feel excited about this next step. Reflecting on this transition, Nightcraft shared, "It feels a bit surreal, but I'm really happy about it. I worked really hard for it."

Nightcraft has been a part of the Scantraxx family since his debut as Nightcraft in 2019. He started his journey on Scantraxx Silver, later moving to Carbon, and has now earned his place on the main label. He further added, "Scantraxx has been one of the first labels I listened to when I first discovered Hardstyle. To be part of the main label after four years feels surreal."

His sound has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years, reflecting his artistic growth. Nightcraft found his signature sound when he released "Time," a track that received exceptional feedback. He described his unique style by saying, "I would describe my signature sound as hard but emotional. I love melodies, I always have a melody in my tracks. I also like melancholic breaks and vocals but I also like the contrast in tracks. I like a hard part and then it breaks down into a more emotional, softer part, and then hard again."

From Jumpstyle Sensation to Hardstyle Hero

Nightcraft's career began with a successful stint as a Jumpstyle artist, a time he holds dear. He reminisces about the highlights of that era and how it laid the foundation for his transformation into the Hardstyle powerhouse he is today. "When I was 18, I had a breakthrough in Belgium." Nightcraft recalls. "It was such a fun time, there was no social media, no phones, just partying. I played the Reverze Mainstage in 2011, Defqon in 2011, Decibel in 2010, fun times!"

Nightcraft is celebrated for his extensive international tours, earning him the title "Mr. Worldwide" among fans. He has performed in numerous countries, and when asked about his most memorable shows abroad, he recounted unforgettable moments from events around the world. "Playing in Japan on my birthday was a great opportunity, I wanted to go to Japan my entire life!" 

"I’ll just do what I want, stay in my own niche, and see what my mind spits out. Sound and music will always evolve, but I will evolve in my own way."

Looking ahead to the remainder of 2023, Nightcraft is set to release his first track as a Scantraxx main label artist on October 27, his collab with Level One. On November 29, a collab with Unresolved follows. His first solo release will be in January 2024. Roy also shares that he still has a lot of performances coming up. 

Nightcraft is committed to constant staying true to himself, and when asked about his artistic direction and the Nightcraft 2.0 sound, he stated, "I don’t want to change my sound, if I change my sound I will lose what I love to do in my music. For Nightcraft 2.0 I’ll just do what I want, stay in my own niche, and see what my mind spits out. Sound and music will always evolve, but I will evolve in my own way."

Nightcraft's journey from Jumpstyle sensation to the Scantraxx main label is an inspirational tale of determination, innovation, and global recognition. As he prepares to unleash his latest tracks to the world, can look forward to a new era of Hardstyle excellence from Nightcraft.

Highlighted tracks

No Goodbye
Scantraxx CARBON
27 / 09 / 2023
Fly With Me
Scantraxx CARBON
22 / 03 / 2023
Scantraxx CARBON
28 / 05 / 2021
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