Nightcraft & Chapter V celebrate "The Unknown" with a unique giveaway!


Nightcraft and Chapter V have been spending some hours in the studio together to deliver a one-of-a-kind tune. This release marks the very first SCANTRAXX X Spoontech collab, making it a milestone in our music catalogue. “The Unknown” features both an energizing melody, as well as extra-raw gated kicks. Combining the best of both their styles, this track will plunge you into the unknown.

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First of all, how did you guys get to making a collab together?

Nightcraft: I really like Chapter V’s energetic and playfull style of producing. At one point we just started following each other on Instagram and spoke about doing a collab.

Chapter V: Funnily enough we already talked about wanting to do a collab with Nightcraft in the future because we really dig his style, then a few weeks later he asked us to do a collab. So we didn’t hesitate and agreed to do one!

Can you share what the creative process looked like while working together?

Nightcraft: I started out with making the melody and a bit of atmosphere. Then Chapter V made some insane kicks and other elements. We then added both of our screeches to it and asked the talented TNYA to do the vocals for us!

Chapter V: First we met up a few times in the studio to get the idea down. Once we had a cool atmosphere down, we asked TNYA to write vocals around it and after that we built all the drops, making sure both of our sounds are recognizable in the track.

This is the first time that a SCANTRAXX and Spoontech artist collaborate, how does that make you feel?

Nightcraft: It makes me feel really proud to be able to contribute to hardstyle history.

Chapter V: It honestly makes us wonder how it didn’t happen earlier with both labels having such a long history, haha. But yeah, it’s an awesome step for the scene, building bridges between two different styles. We are honored to be part of that! 


"We think we accomplished a nice blend of styles"

How did you manage to implement both of your unique styles in this track?

Nightcraft: I think it worked out really well that we made separate parts and blended them together later on. It was a hassle at some point but it turned out great in the end.

Chapter V: One of the biggest goals for us with “The Unknown” was to create a track that would fit in our sets but also in Nightcraft’s sets. We wanted the track to have a big atmosphere and melody, but also wanted it to work on the dancefloor, which is why the really raw drops with our typical gated kicks exist. We think we accomplished a nice blend of styles if we may say so ourselves! 

What were the reactions like when you played it live for the first time?

Nightcraft: We dropped it together for the first time at Rebirth (first at the Rebellion and later at the Outdoor raw stage) and had a really nice response to it. 

Chapter V: Like Roy said, we finished it just in time for Rebirth and played it in both of our sets there! It immediately felt right and reactions from both our fans and Nightcraft fans were really nice. This meant a lot to us because it is definitely an out of the box collab for both artists

What is the story that you want to tell with this track?

Nightcraft: It’s about taking risks in life, to chase after the unknown. You don’t know what’s out there unless you just go for it.

Chapter V: Sometimes you have to face The Unknown to enter a new chapter of your life! This collaboration is a perfect example of that in our opinion, because a SCANTRAXX & Spoontech collab was quite literally The Unknown until now :)

And lastly, What's up with giving away golden spoons for pre-savers? 

Nightcraft: Since it’s the first SCANTRAXX/Spoontech collab ever we wanted to do something special for our fans. So we made golden spoons (SCANTRAXX gold, Spoontech spoon) and we engraved them so people will have a nice piece of history if they’re able to get their hands on one of them!

Chapter V: We think it’s a great way to celebrate this big milestone for us and the involved labels. After such a long history for both labels they finally crossed paths and we think that's really cool! We decided to take elements from both labels to make it into one memorable piece who some lucky fans can get a hold of (SCANTRAXX = Gold, Spoontech = Spoons)

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