Major Conspiracy brings Uptempo Madness to this timeless classic!


The ragingly popular uptempo remix of “Wake Up!” by The Prophet and Brennan Heart has made its way to every streaming portal. The uptempo masters from Major Conspiracy breathed new life into this classic, cranking up the energy and BPM! Today we asked them about the thought process, as well as the overall development of the remix. Read more about this awesome remix!

When did you become familiar with the now very iconic hardstyle classic "Wake Up" by The Prophet & Brennan Heart?
Phew! I think that was a long time ago, somewhere in 2011 when this track was released. We were about 14 or 15 years old at that time. In the morning on the bike on our way to school, full throttle on the speaker, great time haha!

What inspired you to remix "Wake Up" into an uptempo track now, more than a decade after its original release?
We've always found the track interesting. The catchy vocal and melodies inspired us to make our own version of this for the Uptempo listeners.

What were the reactions from the audience when you teased the remix for the first time?
Well, that was actually a while ago in a special setting. It was 2020 in Covid time. So we didn't have any big events, just events for a maximum of 100 people, who had to sit the whole time... But despite that, the track worked really well straight away haha!


"We got the chance to release this as an official remix on Scantraxx, a label that we could only dream of"

Can you walk us through the creative process of transforming "Wake Up" from its original hardstyle roots into an uptempo version?
As mentioned, we made this track in 2020. Later in 2023, we got the chance to release this as an official remix on Scantraxx. A label that we could only dream of releasing on 10 years ago, especially as an Uptempo artist!
Since we had already made the track in 2020, it was outdated with our newer style that we developed for Major Conspiracy. We then chose to completely re-produce the track. We have retained the original influences of the melodies, screeches and of course the vocal. Together with this formula, it has become a very cool and catchy track in our opinion and we are very proud of this!

Were there any specific elements or sounds from the original track that you wanted to emphasize or reinterpret in your remix?
Yes, the melodies, screeches, and vocals had to come back in this track. They have such a big influence on the character of the track. Especially with a remix, we like to make the original still recognizable.

How do you feel your remix of "Wake Up" contributes to or changes the original track's legacy?
Good question! We think it is good for a certain record that has been a mega-hit in the past to be revived after so many years so that the story can be passed on to the new generation.

What's next for Major Conspiracy? Can we expect more exciting remixes or original tracks in your signature uptempo style?
Sure! We have a lot planned in terms of releases in 2024 and 2025. Great collabs, solo tracks, and also a few remixes are coming. But we don't think there will be any more remixes like this any time soon. We are in favor of looking ahead to new projects to write new history, instead of bringing back old hits from the past. If we do that too often, the scene will remain stuck in the past and not move into the future. That’s something that is very important and also something we would like to pass on to the new generation of producers!


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