Level One about his debut album: "I am proud to have such big names on it"


Step into the world of "Reversed Reality"

Our Scantraxx BLACK legend Level One just released his debut album "Reversed Reality". After months of long nights in the studio, Hardstyle fans from around the world can finally enjoy the 18-track album, digitally and on CD. We spoke to Bas about how he feels now, his future plans, and behind-the-scenes production insights.

  • Bas, you just released your debut album, Reversed Reality - congrats! How does it feel now that the album is finally out? 
    Thanks a lot, guys! It was a big relief, haha! I was working with the team to this moment for months, and of course, I was a bit stressed out about how the album would turn out.

  • Tell us about producing the album! How did you start the process, and how long did it take you? 
    It took me quite some time. The first track I made was Reversed Reality. That was around Decibel 2022. It was my first track on Scantraxx Black, so it had to be a really special one. By that time, I didn’t think about an album at all! In 2023 I decided to do an album, starting around March/April. So it was from that moment until half of September because I was showcasing it at Supremacy. Let’s say a total of 6-7 months were dedicated to finishing the album


"I discussed it with a few people around me. They all agreed that it was the right time to do this."
  • When was the idea born to create your first album?
    Around  March/April, I thought about doing an album, so I discussed it with a few people around me. They all agreed that it was the right time to do this. From that moment I started making solo tracks, live edits and scheduled a lot of collabs with my colleagues.

  • What was the most challenging thing about creating an album for you? How did you stay creative during the whole process?Creative ideas will pop up randomly, so it’s pretty difficult to force yourself to be in the studio when you don’t feel it at that time. My studio hack is that I always keep something behind to work on, so you don’t feel like wasting your time all the time.

    Also, doing collabs motivates you a lot because you’re not on your own creating a track. It also gives you insights into how others will handle things in different ways. And, of course, playing the tunes in front of your fans will motivate you a lot. But also when a track doesn’t work live, you know there’s some work to do.


  • What is your personal favorite solo and favorite collab on Reversed Reality? 
    It’s hard to choose between those tracks. I’m really proud of every single track that’s on the album. They’re all really different in style, and every artist that I’ve collabbed with is very talented. I am proud to have such big names on my debut album!

  • Now that you can finally breathe after the release, what is the next big project and how does the rest of your 2023 look like? 
    Of course, there’s a little moment of joy after the album release. I also took some rest after Supremacy as well, because I had a lot of short nights haha! My future plan for the end of this year is to release a lot of new tracks. The first track will be next month together with my buddy Adaro and DV8 called ‘Break The Bass’. After that, the next track will be Blackout! For 2024 I’m working on something cool again, but let’s focus on the upcoming months first!

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