Level One and Nightcraft about Mexico: "The crowd knows every single track"


Dive into the world of Dreamfields Mexico with our exclusive interview featuring Level One (Bas) and Nightcraft (Roy). The artists share their unforgettable experiences and crowd interactions at this iconic Mexican music festival. From the insane energy of the fans to personal highlights and cultural encounters, get an insider's perspective on what makes Dreamfields Mexico a remarkable and unmissable event in the music scene.

Can you describe some memorable reactions from the audience during your set? Were there any moments that particularly stood out to you?
Roy: I played Cielito Lindo, a really well-known Mexican folk song. The crowd sang along really loudly, haha. There was also a marriage proposal right before our set.

Bas: During the Men Of Steel remix, I put my flashlight on. Within a few seconds, everybody did the same, and the whole crowd lit up! That was so sick!! We also did a “left, right” moment during our set. This turned out really great! The people are really dedicated!!

From your perspective on stage, how did you experience the energy and atmosphere of your set? Were there any unexpected moments or surprises?
Roy: The vibe was super good. I already knew the Mexican crowd is super dedicated but they showed once again that they really take it to the next level with their energy.

Bas: It was really unique!! The crowd knows every single track, and they’re really energetic. I enjoyed it to the max to see all those people going nuts on your music!


Apart from your performance, how did Dreamfields resonate with you as an event? Were there specific aspects of the festival that you particularly enjoyed or found unique?
Roy: There was an insane amount of people that wanted an autograph, haha. I already warned the rest to get ready for a massive stream of people getting in line for pictures and such. 

Bas: Especially before and after the set when I was checking the crowd on the side of the stage. The fans recognized me immediately and wanted to take a picture or have a signature. It was really insane to see that people are touched by your music that much! It motivates me a lot! Also, a big thumbs up for the organization to create such an event. It was arranged into the last detail! Nightcraft and I had a lot of fun while doing the interviews on TV as well!


"I really liked the family-feeling we had with all the artists together" 

Reflecting on your entire stay in Mexico, could you share your favorite moments? 
Roy: The tacos never disappoint. Also, I visited some friends in Mexico City who always give me a warm welcome. In Guadalajara, I must say I really liked the family feeling we had with all the artists together.

Bas: In Guadalajara, it was for sure the Santo Coyote restaurant we visited with the whole Scantraxx Crew. Never experienced such a good restaurant!!

Bas: My girlfriend and I also went on vacation to Playa del Carmen. It was amazing! Mexico is a beautiful country with lots of cool places (for example, the temples, cenotes, and the Mayan culture)

With all the tequilas tasted in Mexico, did you have a particular favorite that stood out for its taste or uniqueness?
Roy: I (unfortunately) missed the tequila tasting because I arrived later than the rest. But seeing the videos from everyone else I missed out big time on that hahaha.

Bas: When we were in the restaurant I mentioned earlier, we had tastings of different Tequilas. There was one particular one I liked a lot. It was really sweet, but of course, I forgot the name because we already had a few (too many) haha!


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