KELTEK is dropping his new album showcase at Defqon. 1!


KELTEK has been a legend in the hardstyle scene ever since his start back in 2017. Now, after years of success, he will be dropping his very first solo album "Music is Magic". The album includes some of his most vivid solo tunes like "Vortex", "Gangsters Of The Universe" and the title track "Music Is Magic", alongside his most adored collaborations like "Where I Belong" with Devin Wild and "Cage (Feed Them The Rage)" With Unresolved.

What does music mean to you? 

For me, music has the extraordinary power to create a sense of wonder that feels unexplainable. It can evoke powerful emotions and memories from deep within our subconscious, bridge language barriers, and connect cultures. I could go on forever but music is definitely one of the closest things to magic in life's experiences.

KELTEK will showcase this one-of-a-kind album at no other place than the holy grounds of Defqon. 1 at the UV stage. Immersive yourself in the beauty and magic of hardstyle, and follow KELTEK on his adventure.

Keltek,Devin Wild
Where I Belong
29 / 03 / 2024
Cage (Feed Them The Rage)
08 / 02 / 2024
03 / 11 / 2023
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