KELTEK about his productional masterpiece: Vortex


From idea to endshow, this is how KELTEK made "Vortex"

We recently had the opportunity to chat with KELTEK about his latest track, 'Vortex.' The fact that it was featured in the Decibel Outdoor endshow has catapulted its popularity. The track has undoubtedly made waves in the music scene, and we wanted to understand the artist's perspective on what makes it stand out. KELTEK's insights provide a unique glimpse into the creative process, offering listeners and fans a chance to connect with the music on a deeper level. In this article, we delve deeper into the track's meaning, its production process, and the story that inspired 'Vortex.'

- Vortex sounds quite different and experimental compared to your other tracks. Can you tell us more about that? What makes Vortex stand out?
It's more like a technical intro that leads you to a main part where you can find the true Hardstyle sound. Because this track was created to put out in an end show, I wasn't afraid to create a too-long break, which is not very common and quite unexpected nowadays. This and more were surely one of the factors that made it stand out.

- Was there a certain source of inspiration that you had coming up with the idea of this track?
It started out as an assignment for me to create something for the Decibel Endshow. The theme was completely inspired by time travel which gave me the idea to make a long technical buildup that includes time-changing arrangements.


- Is there a particular message that you want to deliver with this track?
Not really, This is more like a composition that came together in my head as a result of imagining the environment and purpose of this track. Also, the need to fulfill a task that I can completely empathize with the theme/story. I just try to imagine the picture of time travel combined with a fully loaded mainstage and fireworks!

"It actually gave the crowd so much more energy when the drop finally came in!"

How were the reactions when you premiered this track live?
They were very good, although I was a bit doubtful about the long break when I played it the first time at a regular party, where you don't want the crowd to stand still for too long. It actually gave the crowd so much more energy when the drop finally came in! Also, a lot of people are reacting online, showing they are pleased or even somewhat relieved with this sound from everything you hear nowadays. I can really appreciate that.


Your music often resonates with your fans on a deep level. What do you hope your fans take away from "Vortex" after listening to it?
I really hope everyone will slowly understand we're not living in this one existing box of raw/hardstyle/hard techno, whatever. And they're not being asked to pick a side. But try to listen and appreciate more from a wider perspective. Like a lot of us, producers do as well nowadays.

“Vortex” was featured in the Decibel endshow. How do you feel about such a big accomplishment?
Always an honor to do something big! 


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