Imperatorz Reveals His Secrets to High-Energy Performances


Hardstyle sensation Imperatorz dives into his high-energy performances.  From meticulous set preparation to the adrenaline rush just before taking the stage, Kevin, better known as Imperatorz, shares his insider perspectives and valuable tips for aspiring artists.  This conversation sheds light on the intense emotions, physical preparations, and personal rituals culminating in the intense experiences he delivers on stage.

How do you prepare your sets in the days leading up to it?
I check for new releases that suit my tracks and set style. It is also important to check which other artists play on your stage so you don't play their music.

Describe the adrenaline and emotions you feel right before you hit the stage!
The hour before the set is my least favorite because I want to get on the decks already and perform. Often, I get really introverted, and the focus on the set grows - the adrenaline usually kicks in 2 minutes before the set. Excitement is my main emotion, I’d say!

What are your strategies for maintaining peak energy during your gigs?
I do cardio in the gym, take electrolytes before the set, and play only tracks I absolutely love, which have the right energy/drive. 

Can you share any unique elements or rituals you incorporate on stage or before your set? 
Before the set, it sounds cringe, but I do a little prayer, and on stage... Well, I just have fun; I dance and move as I would do it on the dancefloor - sharing my energy with everyone around me. 

"Stop caring about the cameras around, and how you might look"

What essential advice would you offer to rising artists aiming to elevate their performance game?
Stop caring about the cameras around you and how you might look. Just have fun, do your thing, and be your true self. 
Have fun with the crowd, don’t look only at your equipment, and don’t be too drunk ;)

In your journey, what was a key lesson or strategy you learned that significantly transformed your performances?
I always loved Regain's set style. For example, many tracks and lots of cut edits to keep a constant rhythm and drive in the set. 

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