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If you are well aware of our Prospexx releases, then Guardelion should ring a bell to you. With a lot of music already released on Prospexx, Guardelion is a welcome addition to our talent label. Let's take a look at the person and thought that goes on behind Guardelion.

Who is the person behind Guardelion?
Hi! My name is Aviad Moshe, I'm 25 years old, and I was born in Belarus. Nowadays, I live in Israel, hoping to move to the Netherlands soon. I've played in a lot of raves here in Israel and even got to play at the Harderclass stage at Defqon.1 2023, and I've also recently won the Harderclass contest and played at Decibel 2023.

What made you start producing music?
When I was younger, I did a lot of sports (Basketball, Gymnastics, and Lacrosse). One of my role models for body esthetics was Jeff Seid and he always used to put Hardstyle songs in his motivation videos. As time passed and I joined the army I couldn't train as much as I used to so I started to learn about Hardstyle music and how it is made in my free time. A few years later and here we are.


Hardstyle is not only a music genre for me. It's a way of life.

What does hardstyle mean to you?
Hardstyle is not only a music genre for me. It's a way of life. It has multiple aspects. Hardstyle is the music that can make you happy, sad, angry, and all the possible emotions out there. But Hardstyle is also the community, the connections we are making with people from all around the world. It is also a way of expression for me and a way to impact the world by music. 

How would you define your music?
My music is mostly Euphoric sounds and melodies with some hard kicks and an uplifting feeling. Soon, I will shift my sound into a place that has interested me for a very long time, so there are so many things for you to wait for.

Are there any music genres that you listen to/take inspiration from?
I've used to listen mostly to Hardstyle music to understand its basics and draw inspiration from existing artists. Lately, I've been drawing a lot of inspiration from one of my favorite artists out there - Apashe.

What is your favorite hardstyle track of all time?
It is extremely hard to choose one the same that it is hard to choose a favorite artist. However, I think it might be Frequencerz - The Unknown.

Lastly, could you perhaps tell us something about a future Prospexx release?
Of course! So as I was saying, I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from Apashe lately, so you can expect some Hip-Hop/Drill beats with Orchestral vibes combined with some very hard kicks.
I'm starting to look into some Rock music as well so this combination might also come during 2024 in some way.

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