Demi Kanon Unveils New Mini Album and Live Act: Colors Of Light


Music fans, get ready to experience something truly unique as Demi Kanon announces the release of his first-ever mini album, Colors Of Light. The album will feature six solo tracks, each representing a different color and theme, and will be supported by a brand new live act featuring stunning visuals, edits, and new tracks from the album.


According to Demi Kanon, the idea for the mini album and live act came to him a few months ago, and he knew he wanted to create something special. "I always like to challenge myself in the studio for new things," he says, "and I'm happily showing you what I came up with for 2023!"

"I always like to challenge myself in the studio for new things"

Six glowing orbs spread rapidly in the middle of a labyrinth, with each leaving a partial trail. Every orb holds one track of the mini album. When Demi enters the labyrinth, he walks towards the first color he finds. The closer he gets to that color, the brighter and sharper the colors and themes become. For every track, there will be a short teaser where viewers can see how Demi encounters the color. The previous color will then be the starting point of the last color. The goal is to find and collect all six light orbs. In order to release the album, the orbs must be brought together and combined into one. For the final shot, Demi finds his way out of the labyrinth with his orbs flying behind him.


For the brand-new live act, fans can expect a selection of older Demi Kanon tracks in a new jacket, as well as the six new tracks from Colors Of Light. The visuals for the live act are set to be a feast for the eyes, with various colors reflected in stunning visuals that will be synced with the music for an immersive experience.


"I wanted to create a unique experience for my fans," says Demi Kanon. "The virtual labyrinth is a perfect representation of the Colors Of Light concept, and I can't wait for everyone to experience it."


The first Colors Of Light release Follow The Light is set to be released on April 6 and the live act is scheduled to kick off at REBiRTH Festival. Pre-save Follow The Light here: https://presave.io/t/followthelight 

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