Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of Scantraxx's Social Media Manager


Ever wondered what goes on behind the curtain at Scantraxx? Well there is definitely no doubt that Social Media in general has been playing a huge part in the music scene these days. We decided to sit down with our social media maestro Mika and asked him some interesting questions about his tasks at Scantraxx, his favorite things to do and last but not least his number one Scantraxx release. We bring you an exclusive peek into the world of our social media manager!

The road to Scantraxx

  • How did you end up at Scantraxx?

Before I joined Scantraxx I did an internship as a Social Media Manager at another label, after my internship I worked there for three months until new interns were about to begin. One day I received a message from a former colleague. He forwarded me a story from Scantraxx. They were searching for a new Social Media Manager! I didn’t hesitate and immediately wrote an application. Later on I was invited for a job interview at the Scantraxx HQ . It felt good and my feelings weren’t wrong as I was invited for a second interview.  Here I had to make a fictional release plan for ‘Twilight Zone (Headhunterz Remix)’ with creative ideas. After days of preparation and work, I created a content plan, aftersale moments, targets for streaming, social media posts and a VR Scantraxx office experience! I presented this to Jorik (Label Manager) and Verena (Marketing Manager) - the rest is history. 

Tasks as a social media manager

  • How does a typical day look for you? 

I start the day on the train, I have to travel a long way to work so while I’m on the train I already prepare some things for the day. I arrive at the office around 9/9:30 am. I turn on my computer, get something to drink and start my day! First things first, I will check if we have all the content needed for the day, if not I will get in contact with the artist. I am always on the hunt for new and funny content, so this is something that I usually do in between. Writing captions, responding to emails and messages and editing new content/videos are part of my job. We have a marketing meeting once a week where we usually come up with new and fun content ideas in the team. After a day of posting, writing captions, searching TikToks and having fun, it’s time to go home! Sometimes posts need to be posted later on the day, so I will do that on the train on my way back. (I’m moving to Utrecht soon :))

  • What are your main tasks?

Posting content, searching for content, writing captions, responding to emails/messages, editing the website links, coming up with new ideas and making new content. 

  • What is your favorite thing to do at work?

I really like having meetings! We can talk about new ideas and work on them, being in a creative environment is something I really like. 

We create memories

  • Most valuable memory with Scantraxx until this day?

Our holiday together in Ibiza! After I was working at Scantraxx for four months, we went to Ibiza with the whole team. It was really valuable for me because memories for life were made! I got to meet new people, was able to get to know my colleagues better, had good conversations, loads of fun and did an interesting breathing session, went to a beach club and the list goes on and on... Work hard, play harder! 

  • Favorite Scantraxx track

My favorite Scantraxx track is ‘Live The Moment’ by JDX and Sarah Maria! The recognizable melody, the big euphoric drop just had me in the first second. I always try to enjoy every moment and make great memories! 

Let us know, who should we interview next?


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