Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of Scantraxx's Label Manager


We sat down with our label manager Robbert to talk about what a typical work day for him looks like. As the longest-standing member of the current team, he's witnessed countless milestones and memories that have been made in the Scantraxx Legacy. Robbert has been an integral part of the label's journey. Let's find out more about him! 

How did you end up at Scantraxx?
I’ve been interested in the music industry all my life. Back in 2017, I had to do a graduation internship for my school. I applied to multiple music labels and ended up being accepted by Scantraxx, and stayed until this day. After my internship, they offered me a job to stay at the music label. Later on, I took care of different roles in the company and gained experience, which made me grow into the position of the label manager. 

How does a typical day look for you?
Usually, I start between 08.00 - 09.00 in the morning. I’d like to start my day with multiple tasks that need to be checked every day, as it’s still quiet in the morning. After the usual check-ups, I work on the release planning. My main task during the day is to check what needs to be done for each scheduled release. Besides every single EP or album release which are featured in our release planning, there are always multiple other projects going on that need my attention and besides that, we also have meetings with our team, artists & partners to keep everything running and looking for new opportunities. 

An adventure full of memories

What are your main tasks?
My main task is to be responsible for the exploitation of our full music catalog. This includes product management, legal handling, rights management, administration, and creative concepts.. 

What is your favourite thing to do?
I don’t have one specific thing which I’d like to do the most. My main goal is to contribute to the success of our artists and their music. I take pride and pleasure in results for example, seeing that the streaming scoring is doing great or fans partying on our music.

What is your most valuable memory with Scantraxx until this day?
On a personal level, I’ve made friends in the music industry, which I never expected to get from my job when I started at this company. With our team, we’ve had some fun trips and shared great moments, which I will never forget. It’s hard to mention one memory, but recently seeing Dov (DJ The Prophet) performing at his final performance at Defqon.1 was a collection of all the memories I had with Scantraxx - I will never forget that. 

What's your favourite Scantraxx track?
It’s a cliche, but it’s JDX ft. Sarah Maria - Live The Moment. I always like what D-Block & S-te-Fan have been releasing since they started at Scantraxx. Besides that, I also have huge respect for more of the experimental sound Devin Wild has brought over recent years.

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