Behind the scenes: A day in the life of the general manager


Welcome to a day in the life of Jorik, our general manager at Scantraxx. As the general manager, Jorik is responsible for everything within our record label. We asked him some questions to give you a better insight into what goes on in his work life at Scantraxx. 

How did you end up at Scantraxx?
It's quite an interesting story. Before joining Scantraxx, I was involved in organizing hardstyle events through "Madhouze Events" and attending numerous events, granting me valuable backstage access and helping me build a broad network within the hardstyle scene. Working in the music and events industry had always been a dream for me, essentially turning a passion into a profession. While expanding my network, I got to know Matthijs Noordhuis, who was the General Manager at Scantraxx at that time. We struck up a conversation at a private event during a mutual friend's birthday celebration (Niels Koster, Frequencerz). That's how I appeared on Matthijs' radar in his search for a successor for his role within Scantraxx. Matthijs called me to discuss the General Manager position, and after the first meeting with Dov and Matthijs, there was an immediate mutual connection. Fast forward over five years, and we are experiencing significant business developments that I could only dream of back then.

What does a typical workday look like for you?
Within the company, I'm known as 'Mr. Meetings,' which should give you a hint (laughs). In my role, I'm heavily involved in various meetings related to Scantraxx or other companies where I hold a leadership role. Leading the team and contributing to processes are essential core responsibilities that I derive a lot of energy from. Additionally, staying in close contact with the artists we work with at Scantraxx (and beyond) is crucial, so that's another area where I invest a lot of time. My role as A&R manager, alongside Demi and Jacopo, is also a significant aspect, involving listening to a lot of music and demos. Of course, there are less enjoyable tasks, such as answering emails and administrative work, but it comes with the territory.


"Family is incredibly important to me"

What is your favorite thing to do?
What I enjoy the most is spending quality time with my wife and daughter; family is incredibly important to me. Furthermore, I still draw a lot of inspiration and energy from attending events, so that's something I continue to enjoy alongside work.

What is your most valuable memory with Scantraxx to this day?
When I had my first conversation with Dov and Matthijs, I expressed my desire to accompany one of the Scantraxx artists to Defqon Australia someday. Unfortunately, shortly after I joined Scantraxx, Defqon Australia ceased to exist. However, that dream came true when I traveled with Dov (and Matthijs) last March for Dov/The Prophet's 'From The Hard' tour in Australia. Additionally, the most recent Scantraxx hosting at Dreamfields Mexico is an experience I will never forget.

What’s your favorite Scantraxx track?
The first track I truly fell in love with during my early days as a hardstyle enthusiast is "D-Block & S-te-Fan - Music Made Addict." It's a Scantraxx release, which you could call fate or "meant to be."


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