Behind the scenes: A day in the life of SCANTRAXX's Music and Marketing Intern.


Welcome to a day in the life of Bence, the Music and Marketing Intern at SCANTRAXX. Bence is responsible for a multitude of different tasks like managing SCANTRAXX PROSPEXX, Music Distribution, and other marketing related tasks. We asked him some questions to give you a better insight into what goes on in his work life at Scantraxx. 

How did you end up at SCANTRAXX?
Well, I’ve always wanted to work in the hardstyle scene ever since I was a teenager, so I decided to look around for some vacancies in our scene. Record labels have always interested me more rather than event companies, so I decided to send out some e-mails to different Record Labels. After a while, I received an email from Robbert that they were indeed looking for a new intern. I then had the job interview and that went really well, I've been an intern for almost a year now and I’m still enjoying it to this day!

What does a typical workday look like to you?
I usually arrive at the office around 08:30. I like to check my mail and fix our music uploads in the morning so that we can let our artists know early on. I like to discuss extra tasks with the rest of our team in case there is any need for extra help around different projects. I also like to make some fun posts for PROSPEXX and keep in touch with our followers. A typical day would also include bothering Roy or Marijn hahaha.

"You’re not treated as an intern here, but really as a colleague"

What is your favourite thing to do?
I really like supporting the artists that are releasing on PROSPEXX. With things such as thinking of new content ideas, pushing their tracks on different social media platforms, or giving them advice. I also love to make music myself and perform as a DJ, mainly in the Netherlands. Aside from that, I like to visit the occasional festival or play some video games.

What is your most valuable memory with SCANTRAXX to this day?
Oof that’s a tough question! I think my favourite memory was helping out at the ADE events that we organized. Working and speaking with artists with 2 hours of sleep was tough, but a fun experience that made me bond more with the team hahaha.

What’s your favourite SCANTRAXX track?
That’s difficult, there are so many SCANTRAXX tracks that I really like. If I had to choose, however, I’d go for “How I Do It” by Demi Kanon and Vertile. There’s just something about that melody that always makes me happy. I think I listen to that track at least twice a day hahaha.

What would you recommend for future interns?
I would definitely recommend SCANTRAXX to future interns. There’s a lot of different things that you can learn here and the team really gives you the room to develop yourself professionally. Sometimes you will be included in other tasks than Marketing, which really allows you to develop expertise on the scene and the multiple aspects of running a record label. 
Aside from that, the team is also really chill. You’re not treated as an intern here, but really as a colleague that has their own say in things.
My advice would be: always show your best side and put in extra effort in your tasks. Your work ethic doesn’t go unnoticed here at SCANTRAXX, so take your own initiative!

My internship is ending in June, and we're actually looking for a new intern. So if you want to be a part of our team, I would highly suggest you apply through our website.

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