Behind the scenes: A day in the life of SCANTRAXX's Interim Marketing Manager


Welcome to a day in the life of Elske, our Interim Marketing Manager. As the Marketing Manager, Elske is responsible for a multitude of tasks around our marketing. We asked her some questions to give you a better insight into what goes on in his work life at SCANTRAXX. 

How did you end up at SCANTRAXX?
My journey began when Jorik reached out to me to come aboard once he knew Verena was exiting. Eventually, he found someone, but the new Marketing Manager wouldn't be starting until April. I have deep roots in the harder styles scene and a passion for the music. I have a comprehensive understanding of the festival industry as a whole, so it fitted me perfectly, but my agenda was too full. Ultimately, the chance to work closely with the artists and scene that I hold dear was too compelling to pass up. So, I shuffled things around in my calendar to commit three days a week to this thrilling opportunity. Looking back, I haven't regretted my decision for a moment; I truly cherish every second here!

What does a typical workday look like to you?
My workdays are dynamic and start with a check of my emails, promptly addressing any immediate concerns. Following this, I touch base with the team to ensure everything and everyone is aligned and informed. My schedule often includes meetings, both with colleagues and external partners like artists or other companies, aimed at enhancing our marketing and social media initiatives. My tasks range from advertising and content brainstorming to conducting interviews and planning upcoming releases, not to mention reflecting on the performance of recent releases. I only have three days a week to make it all happen, so the days are quite full but very fun!

"Meeting with artists tops the list for me, I absolutely love collaborating with them"

What is your favorite thing to do?
Oh, that's a no-brainer! Meeting with artists tops the list for me. I absolutely love collaborating with them; they're a unique bunch. Social media and marketing play such a key role these days, and I get a kick out of offering advice, brainstorming together, and coming up with strategies to help them grow. The whole thing is super exciting and never loses its charm for me!

What is your most valuable memory with SCANTRAXX to this day?
Picking my top memory from my time at Scantraxx is tough because the best bits until now happened before I even officially got on board. The old-school tracks and the artists who made them have a special spot in my heart, making those early vibes and tunes the most precious memories for me. This is where I fell in love with the industry and why I started listening to the music in the first place!

What’s your favorite SCANTRAXX track?
Picking a favorite SCANTRAXX track is like choosing between treasures – it's really hard because each one holds its own memory. The classics always hit me right in the feels and I really, really can not decide on my favorite classic track. But... If I had to choose, I'd say "Music Made Addict" by D-Block & S-te-Fan takes the top spot. It represented the beginning of my love for the music, making it undoubtedly one of my favorite SCANTRAXX tracks ever!


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