A-RIZE Joins Scantraxx Main Label for Exciting New Chapter


Hardstyle artist A-RIZE, also known as as Carlos van Boekhold, embarks on a thrilling new chapter in his musical career by officially joining the Scantraxx main label. “It feels like there is another dream ticked off. Back when I was producing in my bedroom, I was dreaming of becoming part of a main label one day. Now that it happens, it feels surreal but also amazing at the same time. I’m grateful to Scantraxx for giving me the chance and believing in me!”

This exciting development marks a significant milestone in A-RIZE's journey, which commenced in 2017 and has been nothing short of inspirational. Carlos’ musical journey was inspired by the legendary Project One album. This pivotal moment ignited a deep passion for music within him, driving him to pursue perfection in his craft. With unwavering determination, he honed his skills in the studio, eventually earning recognition from Xense. Further acclaim followed as Atmozfears and Headhunterz recognized his exceptional talents, solidifying his position in the industry. 

A-RIZE made his debut performance as a Scantraxx artist at Scantraxx presents Alchemy Of Sound, on October 20th at the Q-Factory during Amsterdam Dance Event. This performance was an unforgettable showcase of his talent and artistic power, underlining his signature sound. “My signature sound is in-between melodic and hard. I love the energy that the hard side has on stage, but in my heart.I love music and therefore I like to implement emotion, feeling, and melody into my tracks.” A-Rize states.

As the excitement continues to build, A-RIZE's first releases on Scantraxx are on the horizon. "So Alive," a collaboration with Demi Kanon, will be released on October 26th, promising a track that fans are eagerly awaiting. Following closely is A-RIZE's solo debut titled "Voices," scheduled for release on November 9th. The anticipation for these releases is palpable, and it's clear that A-RIZE's journey in hardstyle is just beginning.

"Back when I was producing in my bedroom, I was dreaming of becoming part of a main label one day."

About A-Rize

A-RIZE, the stage name of Carlos van Boekhold, is a talented hardstyle artist known for his melodic compositions and captivating storytelling through music. With dedication to his craft, he has gained recognition from industry peers and is now poised to further elevate his career with Scantraxx's main label. 

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Highlighted tracks

Demi Kanon,A-RIZE
So Alive
26 / 10 / 2023
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