5 Reasons Why You Need Custom Earplugs 


Everyone who visits festivals, events, clubs, or any other place where loud music is played has experienced it before: you lay in bed after a night out, and your ears are ringing. This alone already indicates hearing damage. We partnered up with Alpine Hearing Protection to tell you about the importance of wearing earplugs whenever you're somewhere with loud music. 


Alpine offers regular music earplugs that you can buy at your local drug stores, as well as custom ear plugs. Custom earplugs are fit to your ear and offer the best protection. To get custom earplugs, the guys from Alpine put foam into your ears to take an exact mold, from which they produce your personal earplugs. You can pick between different filters (-19 dB, -21 dB and -25 dB) and colors to get earplugs that perfectly match your requirements.


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At a 100 dB concert, you risk suffering hearing damage in under five minutes

1. Hearing damage is irreversible.

Being exposed to loud music for only 15 minutes increases your chances of hearing loss immensely. Once your hearing is damaged, it can not be reversed, and you need to live with it for the rest of your life. Wearing custom earplugs every time you go out can prevent you from getting hearing damage.


2. Music at festivals is too loud for your ears.

At outside events, the volume is usually between 90-100 dB and inside a festival tent or concert hall volume levels can even reach 110 dB or more. At a 100 dB concert, you risk suffering hearing damage in under five minutes!


3. You can still enjoy music to its fullest with custom earplugs.

Custom earplugs allow perfect music quality with their linear filters. They dampen all pitches almost equally for a remarkably true-to-life music experience. Regular earplugs such as the Alpine PartyPlug have acoustic filters with -19 dB, which reduce sound levels to a safe level, but custom earplugs are recommended for the best possible experience.


4. Custom earplugs last for a long time.

Despite the initial investment, Alpine custom earplugs are worth every cent. The soft thermoplastic material contains no silicone and molds to the ear canal. You can wear the earplugs all day and night without any problems and without irritation to the ears. The earplugs are almost invisible in your ears and last a long time.


5. You only have one pair of ears.

You only notice hearing damage when it is too late. The use of hearing protection prevents hearing damage and ensures that you have less ear pain or ringing in your ears after a concert or festival. Continue to enjoy music for years to come, and use custom earplugs during festivals and concerts!


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