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Get to know: Unphased

Yesterday we released the new track of Unphased called ‘Save Me’! An uplifting track that represents the 170 bpm vibes with a lot of drive! Something that you don’t hear very often! So, we thought it would be time to get to know Unphased a little better!


Unphased, also known as Mitchel Knetemann, lives in the Hague, the Netherlands. He was only 15 years old when he found out music is something that he really adores and started playing guitar. “I started to develop a need to be as unique and as great as Jimi Hendrix. Yet this was something that already existed and what I was doing was nothing new. Then I found out about Hard Dance, I found new ways for me to implement my drive and passion to my own style and vision.” Mitchel says.


“And that is exactly the thing I like most about making music, being able to create a coherent and unique piece of art out of random sounds and noises.” Mitchel adds up.


The thing he likes most about our kind of music is how the people just find that collective bond between each other. “Like: ‘I know you don’t understand why we love this, and we don’t care’. On my personal perspective, what appealed the most to me is that even though this music was just labeled by people as ‘noise’ I found so much control and emotion behind that ‘noise’.”

"I hope that vision and drive will resonate through my music and ultimately through the listener as well!"

So, with that being said, it’s safe to say Mitchel implements his emotions into his tracks. And his latest release ‘Save Me’ is the perfect representation of that. Going through a tough period in your life is never a good thing. Yet, Mitchel found a way to turn these emotions into music. “When I found this sample of someone singing ‘Save me from me’ it just resonated with me and made me want to go to work straight away. A lot of frustration, sadness and hope went into that track.” Mitchel says.


The Dutch is working his way up to get more recognition. He already has some cool milestones that leaves him wanting for more! “At Defqon.1 a track of mine was played at the Black stage by Unifire, which was insane! And I also performed at St8ment, together with a buddy of mine, which was a great experience! I got to meet a lot of great artists there!” Mitchel says.


When it comes to role models, Mitchel has 2! Noisecontrollers is his role model in the hard dance scene. From the most random sounds he can make coherent pieces, and that is something that Mitchel really loves. Jimi Hendrix is his second role model, of course! “Just the way he used all different kinds of techniques like using feedback as an expression of sound, there was just no one like him at his time.”


Mitchel’s main goal is to bring his music and vision to the hard dance public. “I hope that vision and drive will resonate through my music and ultimately through the listener as well! The public can expect a lot of new hard dance from me with a unique flavor, but with a whole lot of energy!”


The latest release of Unphased ‘Save Me’ is available for you now and ready to stream on all portals!

Link to release: https://www.scantraxx.com/releases/4423/save-me

Featured track

Save Me
Scantraxx PROSPEXX
21 / 07 / 2022
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