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Get to know Timekeeperz & Rezonation

Last week Timekeeperz & Rezonation, also known as Federico & Fransesco, released their collaboration called ‘My Escape’. Looking at the reactions and the support, the track did really well! As expected though, because this track is a pure example of how we like it at Prospexx! A mind-strucking melody with an overall great drive makes this track perfect to listen to! We wanted to know how they came up with the track so we decided to do an interview!


First things first! Who are Timekeeperz & Rezonation and how did they come up with their names? Let’s start with Timekeeperz. Timekeeperz’ name is Federico, 26 years old and living in Italy. "My artist name Timekeeperz came up on a summer evening in 2012: thanks to a close friend while chatting: it stands for the Keeper of Time, the one that kept the wisdom from the past to spread into the future."


Rezonation’s name is Fransesco, 28 years old and also living in Italy and basically, his artist name is based on ‘Resonance’ and ‘Nation’ and this is his explanation. “For me Hardstyle has always been a very unique genre which expresses its utmost character with distorted sounds and, more precisely, with an ongoing game of resonances on top of each sample. At the same time, its one-of-a-kind community acts like one. Just like a nation, we have our leaders, our holy grounds, our anthems, and our diversities. We are a huge family. I liked that idea so much that I decided to merge those two concepts into my brand identity.
(Not to mention we all know letter Z was a must back then!)” Fransesco says.

"I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of being able to translate a feeling into something complex"

Both Italian DJs started the love for music at a young age. "I’ve always liked music and when I was younger I’ve been taking piano lessons for many years. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of being able to translate a feeling into something complex, suitable for people who resonate on the same wave.” Fransesco says.


"Since an early age I've always been fascinated by the DJs that brought me to download Virtual Dj in middle school, and then Fl Studio in Highschool; what I love most about the music production is that I can freely express my emotions and thoughts," Frederico says.


Talking about the release ‘My Escape’, it didn’t go quite exactly as planned due to some technical issues. “Basically, Federico wasn’t able to open my project since he was running a really old and outdated PC. He was forced to export every sound he made, which is not ideal at all. But at the end we managed to end up with a track we’re both proud of." Francesco says.


Working on a project together is something Fransesco and Federico really like. “Sharing the same tastes and digging the same ideas makes the process fun, easy and spontaneous. We worked in the studio together for the first time with “Encoder of Light”, it helped a lot knowing each other’s way of working as well as consolidating our friendship."


Collaborating together seems to be working well together as they are already working on a new track and “I think we won’t stop collaborating any time soon !" Fransesco adds.


Now that we got to know Fransesco & Frederico better it is time to listen to their new track. Timekeeperz & Rezonation – My Escape got released last week and it’s one to look out for!

Check it out right here: https://www.scantraxx.com/releases/4368/my-escape

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