The Prophet In Emotional Interview: "I am Torn Apart, My Whole World Fell Into Pieces"


The Prophet is a name that is all too familiar in the mind of every hard dance enthusiast. With a career spanning decades, The Prophet was a pioneer of the very heart of our beloved scene. With his final album "From The Hard", The Prophet closes the final chapter of his unforgettable music career. In this article, The Prophet looks back on the release of his final album and his future plans in life.

  • First of all, how do you feel now that after your final gig, also your final album as The Prophet is out? What have you been up to since Defqon.1?
    To be honest? I am torn apart, like really torn apart, my whole world fell into pieces. My feelings go from very happy, satisfied, proud, blessed, positive, and powerful, to vulnerable, lonely, sad, insecure, and all those other kinds of dark feelings we all can experience as human beings.

    It’s gonna be ok, I know that in my heart because I know what I'm capable of. In my heart, there is enough light to light up the whole universe, but I have to go through this, I just have to ‘Listen To My Heart’, this is my path…

  • How did you experience creating this album? How did it feel to finally collaborate with artists you’ve never collaborated before? 
    I am blessed with all the right people around me at the right time and it was so good that everybody did what they did, and I am grateful for that! Although, the passing of my dear friend and producer Thomas Duddrige hit me harder than expected. But I know he was looking over my shoulder while we were in the process of finishing the music without him.

  • Was there a certain vision you had in mind when creating this album?
    The vision I had was that I wanted to just show myself and the fans what we are capable of and that I still have my place in the scene.

  • All the viral Wanna Play? edits are featured on the album! How were the reactions from fans, now that the edits are finally released? 
    There were only good reactions! The last year I was basically the only one who had and played those edits. Everybody, including my dear colleagues, were very happy that they could finally play and listen to it whenever they liked!
I will let my spirits guide me, and as long as I do everything from my heart, at least I know that is the path I want to follow!
  • This one’s difficult, but which album track is your favorite?
    Uffff! That IS a tough one, yes.. Seriously, every track has its own charm, so I really can’t choose here!

  • Do you have one final message to fans about the album? 
    Yes I do! All the ideas and music that I have created came From The Heart, it comes from MY heart! And as I step out of the Harder styles after over 35 years, I still have that ‘buzzy’ feeling when I create and hear those distorted kicks, melodies, and screeches!

    That passion and that love for our beloved music style will always remain in my heart! That is also why I chose the name ‘From The Hard’, as a double meaning. So I seriously hope that with what I have put into my music, all of you feel what I meant and what I loved all my life. Hereby I pass on the baton to the next generation and I am sure that all the artists who are now creating Hardstyle and Hardcore will do whatever is needed for our beloved scene!
  • Do you already have an idea of what road you want to take artistically in the future?
    I only know that I need some time to figure out where my path will lead me. That path might get a little bumpy as I am not really sure what to do next. Will it be music at all? Will it be teaching kids whatever they need to know and feel? Will it be creating sculptures or artworks? Who knows? The future will tell. For now, I just live in the moment and I suck up all the positivity from all the great people I have surrounded me with.

    What I also do know now, is that I can not sit still and that I want to do good for our beautiful planet and its people, so with that in mind, I know that all will turn out fine! I will let my spirits guide me, and as long as I do everything from my heart, at least I know that is the path I want to follow - I love you all!

Highlighted Tracks

The Prophet,Dutch Movement
22 / 09 / 2023
The Prophet
Wanna Play?
22 / 09 / 2023
The Prophet
Listen To Your Heart
15 / 11 / 2018
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