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Get to know REKALL!

REKALL, better known as Johan, has been producing for over 15 years and had another alias under the name D’Stylerz. With 15 years of experience, you can say Johan knows perfectly how to compose a track. You can hear that back in his first release on Prospexx. ‘You & Me’ is the perfect example of a well-composed track! Melody and drive are in great harmony together and we are delighted to have him on the label! Let’s get to know Johan a little bit better with this interview.


Back in 2002 Johan got in touch with hardstyle. At the Midtown store in Rotterdam, he bought his first tracks and started practicing DJ’ing. Not long after practicing he downloaded Frooty Loops and started to live like a monk in the studio. He was really eager to make his own tracks. And now, after 20 years, he is still producing and making the best out of his productions.


It isn’t a coincidence that he started listening to hardstyle in 2002. As you might know, Scantraxx also was born that year. He loved the Scantraxx sound! ‘Names like The Prophet, Showtek, and Technoboy have really inspired me to produce music myself. The quality of hardstyle is so high nowadays that it’s difficult not to get inspired by all the cool tracks that are released today!’ Johan says.

"I played at Defqon.1 Festival and In-Qontrol in 2009 and I consider that personal highlights in my musical career"

Let’s talk a little bit about the track. You & Me just got released today and here’s his perspective on it.

‘You & Me is about seeing the good in someone regardless of what other people tell you about that person. I’m someone that always sees something good in a person. I always wanted to make a hardstyle track with a more trancy type of melody. I made a few melodies and this one suited the vocal and feeling of the track perfectly!’


So, we know Johan has been in the scene for quite a long time. That has led to different milestones in his career. ‘I played at Defqon.1 Festival and In-Qontrol in 2009 and I consider that personal highlights in my musical career. I hope I can top those highlights with many new ones!’ Johan says.


Besides his musical career, he is also working as a teacher at a school and is a father of 3 kids. Time management is essential to provide such good tracks. But whenever he has free time, he is either spending his time in the studio or having fun with his kids.


We can safely say that he spends his time well in the studio because he has a lot more in stuff for us! ‘I'm currently working on so many new tracks that I want to show to the world. I met a lot of good producers last year that I would like to collab with!’ Johan says. So we might hear more of REKALL later on. Setting goals is therefore important!  ‘Last year I set the goal to release a track in 2022 and I think the goal, for now, is to make a name for myself, release a lot of cool tracks and I hope to sign to one of the Scantraxx-labels one day!’


REKALL – You & Me just got released yesterday and we love it! What do you think of it? 

Check it out here for yourself: https://www.scantraxx.com/releases/4362/you-me

Featured track

You & Me
Scantraxx PROSPEXX
12 / 05 / 2022
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