Prospexx presents: XENDER Q&A


Dennis, better known as XENDER, has been producing another genre for around 10 years, which drains his energy a lot he says. That is why his favorite aspect of hardstyle is definitely the variance he gets from track to track. “There are no rules” is something the DJ keeps saying when he talks to his friends about what he does right now, compared to what he did before. Find out more about the DJ now!

XENDER’s hardstyle adventure started about two years ago. “I felt like I really had to change the way I look at making music.” He says. “I joined discord servers for hardstyle producers, special mention to Xense’s server, where I got feedback and progressively got better. But when I really fell in love with hardstyle was when I heard several tracks that made me feel a certain way. Kind of cliché but it is truly what made me think I wanted to do something myself.” 

The DJ’s role models are D-Block and S-te-Fan, which music he truly loves. “The Ghost Stories project is the kind of ‘feels’ part of hardstyle for me. On the other hand there is stuff like Da Tweekaz which just simply can put a smile on my face.” XENDER says. 

XENDER’s newest track ‘The Hands Of Death’ started when he was browsing a sample library where he found a noticeable vocal sample. “I truly loved how it sounded and decided I could do something with it. I definitely got inspired a lot by the new style of gated kicks and mid intros, where you kind of trick people a bit. But then I also wanted it to feel like something I did, so I put in the melody that is currently there. The idea was to create two tracks into one and see if the merge works. I personally think it works great.” 

Besides producing hardstyle, the DJ also produces a lot of other music. Other than that he has a daytime job of programming. XENDER’s plans for the upcoming period are to make a lot more hardstyle tracks, “and I hope things will pan out so you can hear more of what I have in store. This is only the beginning for me!” 


Featured track

The Hands Of Death
Scantraxx PROSPEXX
13 / 01 / 2022
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