Prospexx presents: Pulserz Q&A


His newest track ‘Injuries’ came out yesterday and we can expect a lot more from the DJ in the upcoming period. Let’s find out more about Pulserz!

Pulserz' favorite aspect of hardstyle is definitely the music itself, the DJ says. “Hardstyle is in my opinion the only style of music that is capable of portraying so many different moods. In an one hour performance it is possible to start with an euphoric atmosphere and end with a much darker atmosphere, playing some tracks with a melancholic feeling. In summary, my favorite aspect of hardstyle is the feeling it provides.” 

“I decided to give it a second try”

“It all started around 2006 when a friend wanted me to listen to Headhunterz - The Sacrifice. At the beginning I said to him that it was a bit aggressive. In the south of France we were really not used to this style of music. We were much more focused on techno which is still a bit the case these days.” But Pulserz decided to give it a second try. “And there it was like a revelation. The tasty mix between a well-handled melody and violent kicks for that time, which gave birth to such a special music that I fell in love with.” 

“That is what I want to do with my music too: always follow the evolution of the style, but always do it my way.” 

When we ask about his role model he says answering Headhunterz would be obvious. Pulserz’ is looking for other horizons than hardstyle in general, for his music and his way of doing things. “So I could say that the model who appeals to me today is an artist called Orelsan and his team, especially Skread, a talented beatmaker. They are very well known in France. Orelsan is a rapper that I discovered around 2006, at the same time as I discovered hardstyle. Everything this guy does is gold in my opinion. He has managed to make his music evolve over the past 15 years, and it has always been a success. That is what I want to do with my music too: always follow the evolution of the style, but always do it my way.” 

After Pulserz’ produced ‘Set Me Free’, he talked about it with some friends who said to him that it could be cool to write a kind of sequel. The DJ landed in his studio. “I started typing some melodies, trying to respect the theme of ‘Set Me Free’. I came to this melody really fast. Once the melody is written, you have to succeed in finding lyrics and adapting them to the melody. I never do the reverse thing! For this shot I found that the lyrics fit well to what I wanted.”

“In my opinion it’s an interesting way of expressing yourself.”

Writing melodies and working on his sound design is what Pulserz likes the most about producing hardstyle, because it has been his way to express himself for over 10 years now. “I am too shy to sing. For me, suddenly writing melodies was the way to put out what I felt. Without everyone being able to understand it in an obvious way. And for everybody who is now thinking: what a tortured guy. Don’t worry! I consider my whole life as perfect as it could be. In my opinion it’s an interesting way of expressing yourself. Everyone can see what they want behind it.” 
The DJ likes working on his sound design so much because he thinks hardstyle is technically an interesting style of music. “You can use so many different sounds and techniques. I love fiddling with samples, creating kicks or even tweaking my Virus!”

With a full-time job, Pulserz’ free time is quickly limited. Mainly he spends his free time in music. “But of course, to be completely transparent, I am aiming for my Grand Champion rank on Rocket League season 5! I am also a gamer. I think it is important to disconnect from music and work if you want to get inspiration. But above all that, my little happy moments are when I meet again with friends, family and my little countryside in the south of France! Oh, and just one more, my cat!”

For the future, Pulserz hopes that festivals can finally restart and that we all will eventually find our life before. “I still hope to be able to play again in front of an audience. Making music is a thing, but sharing it is something indescribable for a producer. In any case, I already have a lot of tracks that are almost finished and others in progress. So I can’t wait to be able to present them! At the same time I continue to work to the maximum, to develop my sound. My primary goal in life, you can always do better!”


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