Prospexx presents: KEKU Q&A


Yesterday KEKU released his track ‘Our Time’ on Scantraxx Prospexx. What are the highlights of the DJ’s year and what are his hopes for 2022? It’s time to read more about KEKU’s year!

If KEKU looks back at 2021 and has to choose one moment that immediately makes him happy, he chooses the release of ‘In My Mind’. “It not only connected me with the Scantraxx Prospexx family for the first time, but also the support that I received from my friends was mind blowing.” KEKU says. 

KEKU experienced his career the past year as a new beginning. “This year marked a few changes in my career professionally and personally. Since I signed with Prospexx, I was finally able to connect, confront and express myself through music with a lot of new great people and artists such as Devin Wild and Eternate.

If KEKU looks back at 2021 he is most thankful for meeting a very special person for the first time this year, the DJ says. “She really helped me to find myself and what I want. Together we travelled around, attended festivals and discovered a whole new world of opportunities. She is my biggest motivation and inspiration. The support I got from her, personally and musically, is really important to me.” What the DJ wants to do differently next year is to be more spontaneous and to release more music in general, he says.  “This year I took a lot of time to evolve my sound and skills in music production. That is why I didn’t release lots of music. Even though you never stop learning and changing, I finally found the direction and style I want to go for.

The upcoming year KEKU wants to keep working on himself and his music, “trying to get better and better. I want to connect with people who listen to my music and make them happy with what I do. I also really hope that the situation with the pandemic will get better, so I can also physically and concretely show what I am capable of while playing shows.” 
KEKU’s plan for 2022 is full immersion in the music world, he says. “Since the future is uncertain nowadays I don’t have a specific thing planned, but I am ready for any opportunity that I can get. I just want to keep making and releasing music that I am proud of, and we will see where it leads me!” 

KEKU: Dear Santa, I want all of my family and friends to stay healthy, happy and loved. That’s - I think - the most important thing to me
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