Prospexx presents: Estaloca Q&A


Estaloca’s new track “State Of Mind” is about to hit the airwaves! We've asked him where is his inspiration comes from and how he's doing these days!

“My new track is about sinking in thoughts and going through different mindstates.” Estaloca says. “I had the idea to create a track with a large, dark-floating atmosphere and a dramatic melody to go with it. I got inspired by the vocal speech I found, which led me to a raw, uplifting cinematic theme.

The vocal already got him inspired and after that the melody idea came up pretty quick. “That is where I usually start my process. After some final mixing tweaks the track got finished and is now about to see the light of day.”

After the release of “State Of Mind”, Estaloca is planning to give away two remixes, as free releases. “Both before the end of 2021.” He says. In the meantime, he is also working on a new solo track and a collaboration. And there is even more to come, “I’m planning to do another collaboration after that!”

We're excited for the upcoming track and what the future might hold for this talented dude!

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