Prospexx presents: Distrix Q&A


Hardstyle to me is freedom.” Distrix says. “It gives me the chance to express myself in a way that no other genre of music can possibly do. It consumed me and made me the person I am today. I’ve had the chance to meet so many wonderful people from all around the world because of hardstyle, and for that I am so grateful.” 

Distrix’s adventure started in the early 2000’s. “I honestly didn’t know what this sound was, but I knew it was made for me when I heard the track The Prophecy, from Deepack. Once I heard that track, I knew I would never look back. But it’s hard to say who my role model is because my taste in music has changed a lot throughout the years.” He says. The DJ emphasizes that he appreciates so many different producers, “each of them, in some way, has shaped me and fueled my passion for this wonderful music.” 

When it comes to his newest track ‘In My Head’, Distrix says the idea for this tune was based on hope, which holds a special place in his heart. “That’s all I had to get me through a dark time in my life. I wanted to make something that captures the essence of that irreplaceable feeling. Sometimes that’s all you got: hope.” 
He would describe ‘In My Head’ as euphoric, dreamy and energetic. “The vocals are captivating to the point you can’t stop listening. At first, the vocalist puts you into a trance-like state. But as soon as the drop comes in you are taken on a journey of raw power.” 

Distrix actually likes to produce not only hardstyle, but he likes to push his boundaries and create hardcore too. Dabbling into different creative sounds is what fuels his passion to keep producing. His plans for the upcoming period are to continue producing tracks that have unforgettable melodies with extreme, diverse and energetic kicks that leave people wanting more. “I have many new diverse releases coming out soon and I hope they will put me on the right track to break through and be able to play with bigger artists.” 

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