Prospexx presents: Araysen Q&A


Scantraxx Prospexx talent Araysen got addicted to Hardstyle in 2013 and today is his first release on Scantraxx Prospexx. ‘Next To Me’ is about the fact that Hardstyle is his best friend in good and bad times. Find out more about the DJ now!

What I like most about Hardstyle is the crowd and the great feeling of how music speaks to you as no other genre does.” Araysen says. “Also the scene is really united, Hardstyle creates a big community with people you don’t even know. Hardstyle gave a lot of friends to me!

Araysen’s adventure of listening to Hardstyle started around 2009 with artists like Headhunterz, Brennan Heart and Coone. “At the time I wasn’t really into listening to Hardstyle on a daily basis, in 2013 I really fell in addiction with the genre. By that time my role models were definitely Headhunterz and Coone. For me their music was different and something new for that era. Nowadays my role models are Demi Kanon, Devin Wild and Atmozfears. On the other hand, D-Block and S-te-Fan as well.” Araysen says.

The story of Araysen’s new track ‘Next To Me’ started when he found the vocal in his folders. “It had the perfect lyrics for the whole situation we were living in. And as the lyrics say: if the world goes back, I will take Hardstyle next to me more than ever.” the DJ says. “It’s my best friend in good and bad moments. I also wanted to create an uplifting melody, and euphoric combined with energetic kicks for the welcome back from the dark period.

The main goal of the DJ in the near future is to start playing at gigs with the top artists of the scene. “The 20th of November I’m going to do the warm up for Brennan Heart in one of the beautiful clubs in Spain: Sala Pelicano. And for sure the public can expect more music from me in the future! I want to reach more than only the harder styles crowd, so that is why I will combine more commercial sounds in my music like some pop vocals. Expect funny and energetic sets from me, for sure you will enjoy it!

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