Prospexx presents: Druid & Geonovis Q&A


Druid & Geonovis both fell in love with hardstyle back in high school and yesterday was the release of their newest track ‘Can’t Stop This Feeling’, and rumors say this definitely won’t be their last collaboration… Find out more about these guys!

Druid’s favorite aspect of hardstyle is that he first fell in love with the music and stayed for the scene, “I definitely feel like I’ve connected more with hardstyle more than anything I’ve encountered.” Druid says. Geonovis says he loves all of it, “the energy, the people, the community. There is really nothing else like it and I feel so lucky to have found this music.

The DJ’s both started listening to hardstyle in high school. Druid’s adventure with the genre started in 2011 when he was shuffling, “from there I found Hard with Style and never looked back really. I was so captivated by the emotions that could be created through the music I instantly knew I wanted to create these impressions myself.” 
Geonovis also listened to Hard with Style and Hardstyle Sessions while gaming, “but I didn’t go to my first hardstyle event until 2018 Defqon.1 Australia, and after that the rest is history I was hooked.” Geonovis says.

Druid always looked up to B-Front. “His ability to capture and create intense and pure emotions was a massive influence on me getting started on my own productions. His story of overcoming fears throughout his career is something I often recount to get me through the same situations.” He says.
Geonovis’ biggest inspirations are D-Block and S-te-Fan, “they always bring a new level of quality and show to the genre and it’s something that I definitely look up to.” 

The newest release of the guys came out yesterday. Druid and Geonovis had been talking about working on something together for a while, as they had become good friends from playing at the same events in Brisbane. “Once we gave it a crack it just worked, everything fell into place and we are super happy with the end result.” They say. They toyed with a few ideas at first, Geonovis found the vocal for some inspiration and Druid wrote a melody off that initial vocal, “and boom! The melody was perfect, everything else just fell into place around that. Once we had the melody we got in touch with a vocalist, we got the vibe we wanted and wrote the vocals. The idea came together nicely.” 
Working together on music was awesome, Druid and Geonovis say. “We definitely have a great flow in the studio together, and it definitely won’t be the last collab!

Druid loves the capability to portray how he is feeling through music, “I find that hard to do verbally sometimes so it's always nice to convey that through music. And when an audience feels the same from a track, it's definitely what I do it for.” What Geonovis likes most about producing hardstyle is the flexibility of the genre, “you can take inspiration from anything and everything and bring it together into one track. And I just enjoy that, I don’t feel limited.” 

And what are they doing in their spare time? Druid has been playing a bit of Halo Infinite recently, he says. “But mainly I’m trying to read more books, as I’m heading back to university this year.” Geonovis says producing is what he does with his spare time at the moment, “I’m still working a normal job 5 days a week, that doesn’t leave me with a lot of time. But producing definitely doesn’t feel like a chore or work, I love it!” 


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