Neroz about E.M.P. "I believe I've raised the bar for my productions"


Congratulations are in order as we celebrate the announcement of Neroz’ upcoming album, "E.M.P." The artist's previous album, "Shock Sequence," garnered widespread acclaim, but with "E.M.P.," Neroz promises a new level of sonic exploration and growth.

In this interview, we dive deep into the world of "E.M.P." and explore how it differs from his debut album. Steven, better known as Neroz, reflects on his evolution as a producer and shares insights into the exciting collaborations and solos featured on the new album. 

1. Congratulations on your second album! How does the theme or concept of "E.M.P." differ from "Shock Sequence"
Thank you so much! I believe with "E.M.P.," I've raised the bar for my productions. While I'm very proud of "Shock Sequence," "E.M.P." represents a significant step forward for me. In this album, I've focused on developing my sound design, rather than obsessing over achieving perfection in each song. I've come to learn that perfection is elusive, even after 15 years of producing.

2. How have you evolved as an artist since your debut album, and what can fans expect in terms of musical growth and experimentation on this new release?
Since my debut album, I have embarked on a transformative journey as an artist, continuously exploring and growing. With each release, I've gained new experiences and evolved as both a musician and an individual. Here's a glimpse of my musical evolution and what my fans can expect from "E.M.P.":

I took the time to reflect on my musical style and artistic vision since my debut album. Collaborating with talented artists has left a lasting impact on my artistic path. Experimentation has been a significant part of my growth, as I embraced new sounds, arrangements, and production techniques.

For fans who have been with me since the beginning, "E.M.P." will exemplify my growth as an artist. It's an invitation for them to join me on this ever-evolving adventure, witnessing the maturation of my artistry.

Since my debut album, I have embarked on a transformative journey as an artist, continuously exploring and growing.

3. Tell us about the exciting collaborations featured on the album!
Throughout my career, I've predominantly been a solo producer, preferring to work alone. However, for "E.M.P.," I carefully selected artists who are close to me and whom I deeply respect. The collaborations on this album are truly exciting and bring fresh perspectives to the project.

4. Besides collabs, plenty of brand-new solo tracks will be featured on the album! Which solo is your personal favorite?
Oh, that's a tough one! I really like "E.M.P.," the title track, along with "Disarray." The overall theme perfectly aligns with my creative vision, and Donovan's vocals are simply mind-blowing. On top of that, another favorite of mine is "Carry On." It carries a powerful message, touching and motivating listeners simultaneously. I believe many people can relate to it!

5. How do you start producing an album? Did you first pick the theme and work from there, or did you just have a bunch of tracks lying around that you bundled on one album?
Producing an album for me involves both intention and spontaneity. While I don't follow a rigid formula, I tend to begin with a theme, and at the same time, I incorporate tracks that I have developed over time. In the case of "E.M.P.," the theme emerged early in the process. I wanted to continue with my electricity theme, which has become my signature. "E.M.P." revolves around something powerful and destructive, so I combined these elements with musicality, making it Electrifying, Musical, and Powerful. The tracks on the album are carefully crafted to match the theme's intensity, featuring driving beats, hard-hitting kicks, and powerful melodies. Additionally, I'm excited to announce that "E.M.P." includes some unreleased tracks from my Supercharged live act that were never released before.

6. How do you plan to engage with your fan base and build excitement leading up to the album?
I have exciting plans to engage with my fans and build anticipation for the album's release. I'll be teasing snippets and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage on my social media channels, so keep an eye out for sneak peeks! Furthermore, I'm organizing my first-ever LIVE Q&A session to discuss the album with my fans. I'm looking forward to hearing their thoughts and sharing the journey with them. And of course, I'll be reposting the best stories that tag me, creating a vibrant community around "E.M.P."


The full E.M.P. album will drop later this year. Check out the title track of the album already and get electrified!

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26 / 07 / 2023
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