Prospexx presents: N-Expected Q&A


Nicolà, better known as N-Expected, is a 21-year-old hardstyle producer that lives near Paris in France. The youngster hasn’t been long in the scene, but he is already making moves when it comes to producing music! His third Prospexx release called ‘I Know You Better’ has been released today and it is ready to hit the dancefloor! From his hobbies to his role models and his future plans, you can find it in the interview down below!

Let’s start with the beginning. Back in 2015 Nicolà found out about Hardstyle at the Techno Parade in France. “I discovered a stage that was playing Hardstyle, then slowly, I began to feel a passion about this type of music and in 2018/2019 I decided to give it a shot on composing my own songs.

So, for the past 2 years N-Expected has been making Hardstyle. But was this a child’s dream for him? “No, I didn’t have the ambition until I saw my favorite artist on stage, delivering his message and emotions with music. I thought to myself: ‘Why not me?’ That’s the reason why I started producing hardstyle.

The fact that a producer can exteriorize an emotion in a track is what N-Expected likes the most. Every track he produces is made with that particular mood at that moment. Whether he is happy or sad, his productions are emotions based and he does his best to express that to the audience. “Nothing is more beautiful than transmitting emotions through music!

Although his emotions are a part of his productions, he describes his own sound as ‘Rawphoric’. “The aim is transmitting an emotion through a euphoric side with beautiful melodies in combination with RAW sounds. "My productions in general are created like this and I am now in the middle of a transition phase during my time at Scantraxx Prospexx.

‘I Know You Better’ has just been released on Prospexx. We asked him about the story of the track. “A few months after the composition of ‘Need You’, I realized I had not finished expressing myself on a personal subject, ‘I Know You Better’ was composed to close this circle. The lyrics describe exactly what I mean, so feel free to listen to the tracks!

Time to go a little more personal. N-Expected isn’t always in the studio. “In my free time, I like to go out a lot, see my friends or do some sport too. I don't spend all my free time in my studio making music because otherwise I wouldn't have any inspiration. I’m inspired by life, my daily life.

N-Expected has quite some role models. “From the beginning, the first artists who inspired me are: Wildstylerz, Atmosfears, BassModulators, The Prophet, Headhunterz, Adrenalize and they inspire me to this day! Then I discovered so much more artists, I can’t name them because there are so many! Nowadays it’s difficult to have a single role model.

Finally, we talked about his hopes and goals for the upcoming period. What can we expect from N-Expected? “My goals are clear, to give the best of myself, to have more dates to release many tracks and I hope to join the Scantraxx Silver team one day, my main goal!

It is safe to say that N-Expected is ready for the upcoming years. The young Frenchman is happy with where he stands today and hopefully, he will make it one day! His latest release called ‘I Know You Better’ can be streamed now.

Featured track

I Know You Better
Scantraxx PROSPEXX
24 / 03 / 2022
Scantraxx PROSPEXX
09 / 11 / 2021
Need You
Scantraxx PROSPEXX
30 / 09 / 2021
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