Prospexx presents: Loudar Q&A


Arnoud, better known as Loudar, has quite some experience when it comes to producing in the harder styles. He has been making music for over 10 years now and started as an hardcore DJ resident in a club. But in 2018 he went on getting fully focused on hardstyle. His latest release ‘Heroes’ has been released today and we did an interview about his past, present and future! Check it out down below!

Loudar knows exactly how to describe his love for Hardstyle. “It is all about the great party vibe in the scene, the sense of togetherness and the brotherhood. I love the music because of the euphoric and great melody lines, the breaks and the heavy drops, it gives me energy and a good feeling. I like to do the sound design too, to work with so many different sounds and techniques. And I love the challenge to make the perfect kick.

The DJ describes his own sound as euphoric raw. “An euphoric melody with raw kicks and great vocals. And next to producing my own tracks I love to make remixes from other tracks. I have a lot of Loudar hardstyle bootlegs. As a DJ I play a lot of good tracks from other musicians, but they fit even better in my sets if they have the Loudar vibe.

His latest track ‘Heroes’ is actually based on his son Milan. “It's about feeling like a hero for a day, no worries, no fears and sadness. I want the best for my son Milan, protect him and make sure he can have the best life possible. I want to make sure that he always feels like a hero! MY HERO!

When it comes to role models the DJ has no specific one. Yet he really appreciates the DJ’s who have created the scene, he says. “They have moved with the times and have helped develop Hardstyle to what it is today. I have a lot of respect for the big names from the earlier Hardcore era who are active in the Hardstyle scene today, like the Prophet, DJ Isaac and many more.

As an experienced DJ, Loudar has already got quite some stage performances. From big to small stages, he loves them all he says! “I like to transfer my energy to the audience, to build up a set and watch the party people react to it. This gives me the best feeling in the world!

For 2022 Loudar has quite some plans! “I’m ready to share much more music with all the Hardstyle people. I want to work with amazing vocalists, make harder kicks and do more collabs with other producers. In addition, going to perform even more and create Loudar madness everywhere.

So Loudar is ready for 2022 and his banger ‘Heroes’ is ready for the upcoming festival season! We are looking forward to what he has in store for us! 

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