Level One on finding your own sound


Coming up with your own style is a very important aspect of being an artist these days. With a lot of musicians already in the scene, finding a unique sound can prove to be quite a challenge. We asked Level One what his vision and opinion is on this matter:

  • Why is finding your own sound important,  you think?
    It’s very important to get recognized and build your own fanbase. People don’t like copycats. For instance there’s already a Vertile or Adjuzt. Why should you do the same like them?

  • How did you come up with your own sound? Where did you take inspiration from?
    My inspiration is never based on someone else. I always make something that pops up and when I really like it I’ll finish it. I also listen to other genres to get inspiration like drum and bass, techno or future rave.
    The sounddesign I created the last couple of years is something that makes me unique compared to others. Especially my kicks are different lately. Try to add something different in your kick chain or start with another drummachine / kick sample.

  • What would be your advice for upcoming artists who are struggling to find their own style?
    Don’t listen too much to other Hardstyle artists. Try to get inspiration out of other genres and keep innovating yourself. Try different plugins/VST’s  to try something else.

  • What is the most difficult thing when trying to develop your own sound?
    The most difficult thing is forcing yourself to make something unique. You really cannot force it. It mostly happens out of mistakes or random things. Or maybe you already have your own sound that needs to be more developed!

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