Lady Faith joins Scantraxx main label

Lady Faith interview


  • Hey Faye, welcome to the Scantraxx main label fam! How does it feel to make that step up from Scantraxx Global?

Thank you for the kind words. I have always wanted to be a part of Scantraxx Main Label and it is something I have worked really hard to obtain. Being an international artist who lives in the USA, it was never going to be an easy path, but I think I did it the right way, by releasing a bunch of tracks on Scantraxx Global and earning my spot on the main label. For me personally, it is a huge achievement and great recognition of my long-term efforts.

  • What can we expect from that step? Besides your new track “Party”, are there any special releases coming up?

I am always trying to be unpredictable both in my music creations and my live stage persona. I plan to maintain a robust release schedule, and my focus will be on more upbeat tracks that will shake your foundation.

  • You’ve been releasing on Scantraxx Global since 2016, how did your sound evolve since then?

My sound has been constantly changing as I grow and learn new production techniques, so there has been significant evolution to my sound. Hardstyle is an ever-evolving sound as well so I just try to keep up with the times and consistently maintain a fresh sound that makes you want to dance.


This is something I have worked really hard to obtain!
  • You're one of the few female Hardstyle artists. Do you have any tips for upcoming female artists?

It is a huge challenge for females to earn their respect in the wider EDM market, but especially so in Hardstyle. The producers in Hardstyle are world-class and so the bar is set very high. For females, there are many additional challenges but ultimately, nobody is interested in excuses. For aspiring female producers in Hardstyle, the path is not going to be easy, but if you stay true to your ideals and work your ass off, it can happen. I am living proof of that, and I hope to inspire a new generation of female producers to choose Hardstyle as their home.

  • What is the American Hardstyle scene like compared to the European scene?  

The American scene is quite different to the European scene. It has only been in existence for a decade or so and it has grown significantly in that time. The lack of infrastructure can also create challenges for the artists who seek to grow the sound. Still, over the years the American Hardstyle market has began to flourish and we are now the second largest Hardstyle community in the world next to the European scene. It's an amazing thing to be a part of.

In addition, the fans love to party and really get into the experience. I don’t know how they can dance so hard and expend so much energy, but it is a joy to behold. Americans love EDM music and we are focused on giving them the best show possible so that we can grow our scene and contribute to Hardstyle worldwide.

  • What can we expect from Lady Faith in 2022?

You can expect a lot of great music from me and I look forward to all the great things that are going to happen this year. I really hope to be a larger part of the European festival scene so I can bring an American flavour to the events and help attract new fans to our scene, so we will see how that goes. With the additional support I will get from one of the most prestigious Hardstyle labels in the world, I know that 2022 is going to be a big year for Lady Faith.


You can expect a lot of great music from me!

Lady Faith
19 / 01 / 2022
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