The Kings of Collabs: Kronos & Adaro on their 9th collab Stop The Party


Kronos and Adaro are two of huge names in the hardstyle scene, known for their incredible solo productions as well as their powerful collaborations. In the past few years alone, they have released an impressive array of collabs including "Ghost Town," "Up 2 No Good," "Kings Of The Beat," "Moonlight", the Uptempo edit of “Moonlight”, "Blackout," “The Sound Of Silence” with Ran-D, which was a free release, and "The Life." Fans eagerly await each new release, and their 9th collab, "Stop the Party," is no exception. As these two masters of the genre come together once again to create another explosive track, we sat down with them to discuss their previous collaborations and what fans can expect from their latest project. (J = Kronos, T = Adaro)


  • How did you first meet and what inspired you to start collaborating on music together?

J: We got in contact for the first time back in 2012. I just made “Satana” with Activator. Thijs contacted me for having the track, because he really liked it. That track actually became popular mainly because of him. Since then, we have always stayed in touch. We met for the first time at Thrillogy 2012, which was also my first party in NL ever. We still have a pic together from that night.

T: Yes, I was really impressed by Satana by him and Activator. A follower on social media sent me a private message,  check out Satana, it’s out already for some weeks and super cool but it’s not picked up by the raw DJs. So I checked it out, and was like “Woww, why is this not a wellknown track? This is an instant classic”.  I sent Jacopo a message and started playing it every set. The word-of-mouth effect started on this track and every raw dj who heard it started supporting the track and it is now chosen as one of the best rawstyle tracks ever.  

"I lived through the Breakthrough of Adaro back in the day, and of course, I've got inspired by his sound."
  • Tell us about your Hardstyle journeys. What is your guys’ favorite memory of your entire careers?

J: To be honest, I have several favorite moments. What comes to mind is always the first time playing in The Netherlands at Defqon 1 2012. When I received the email with the request I started to scream like a little girl.

T: So much epic memories as Adaro and with G4H but some that stick out are Defqon Red on Sunday 2015, Qlimax 2012, and Decibel Mainstage 2022. Every year great new memories are made.


  • Jacopo, has Thijs influenced or inspired your career in any way?

I lived through the Breakthrough of Adaro back in the day, and of course, I've got inspired by his sound. I must say that he as a person helped me a lot throughout the years. I’m happy I got the chance to meet him and slowly become one of my best friends.


  • Thijs, you've worked with a variety of other artists over the years. How does your collaboration with Kronos compare to your previous experiences working with others?

Well, first of all in my opinion Kronos is one of the most underrated producers in the scene. This guy deserves way more attention. I worked with a lot of people and I can tell you this is a very high level technical skilled producer. All the big producers behind the scene talk with big respect about Jacopo and agree on this matter. 

His strong points are his sound design, freaky editing and he always gives a nice futuristic vibe to the production. He has his own style, that’s getting more and more recognized. His career is really going upward after the corona period and that really makes me happy and proud for him to see. I cannot stand it when big talents are not getting the recognition they deserve. 
His extra factor is that he is a really funny person, you can see that on his socials. And the great thing is; this is not acted, it’s authentic, he is a really funny guy! 

  • What can fans expect from “Stop The Party”? What’s the story behind the track?

J: We started this track back in 2020. It was supposed to be an edit/bootleg of “This Girl” by Kungs and Cookin’ on 3 burners. It took us longer than expected to finish it, because since it was a full dancefloor track, we guessed releasing it during the lockdown was not a smart choice at all. Eventually, we got permission from the original label to release it as an official cover, and here we are now, ready to go!

T: the same


  • At Rebirth, Jacopo joined Thijs on stage. Can we see a full b2b set of you guys at some time in the future?



  • How do you guys experience the changes in the Hardstyle scene? Do you think it’s important to adapt to it or is it better to stay true to your sound?

J: I honestly always liked the development of the Hardstyle sound and I love to keep my style updated through the years. It gives the chance to experiment a lot, but it’s also really important to keep your sound still recognizable.

T: I think for me the key is “stay true to your taste”. You can only make well what you really like. If it comes from your heart, it will always be better. I have very broad taste, so I like the new developments in the scene, embrace changes  and will always look forward. I will find my way in it. 


  • How do you guys balance producing and performing while constantly having to be creative and innovative? Do you have tips for upcoming producers on how to stay productive? 

J: I think I've never been as productive as in the last months. I guess it’s just a matter of mindset and motivation. My tips is to set your goals, and hit the studio just when you feel inspired. Bad days can happen, so just try to take a break and do something you like. Physical activities also help me a lot to keep my head clear.

T: I think there is always something to do if you have a bad day. If the melodies don't come out, go and do some sound design. If that doesn’t work go and look for new track ideas or write lyrics. Only if you put in the hours, you will get success on the long run. Talent is one thing, but only the dedicated workers will have a long career. Zooming out can also be  a good thing, Sometimes I go take a walk fo an hour and come back to the studio and immediately hear what’s wrong in a melody that i didn't hear before, when i was “in” it. Your ears and brain can trick you if you hear something nonstop.

Creativity is also a thing you can initiate. I get inspired by all sorts of music, movies, books etc. For example when I’m on vacation I’m listening to a lot of different music at the pool, and I come back with so much new ideas. 

Healthwise, I would say don’t see your performing in the weekend as “going out”. The other people backstage most of the time are having a party because it’s their weekend, don’t get sucked in by this and party along. It’s better so see it as pure work,  and try to get enough sleep, healthy food and exercise. Producing and performing for a long period of time is topsport and our rhythm of life with travelling and track deadlines is not good for your body and mind. So you have to also try to find balance in work and relaxing. 

  • Lastly, how many more collabs can we expect from you two?

J: Infinite


Stop The Party
Scantraxx BLACK
20 / 04 / 2023
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