KELTEK Exclusive Community Q&A


Last month KELTEK sat down to answer questions which were exclusively asked in our Scantraxx Community Facebook group. Here are some of the questions our members have asked KELTEK! 

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  • Logan:How do you come up with the melodies for your tracks? I love songs like ‘Echo’ and ‘Step Into The Game‘ because of how beautiful the melodies are.

KELTEK:It starts just like, jamming on my piano. As soon as I hit something epic, I will build it further and further to something big and more complex if needed.. takes me days.

  • Roy: I’m curious if you produce other music besides Hardstyle?

KELTEK: For now, just experimental with deep house kinda stuff. Also, cinematic music on and off which I sometimes blend with Hardstyle.

  • AJ: Which is your favourite artwork from your recent tracks?

KELTEK: I guess that will be The Allignment. The only one you didn’t make right? Nah, kidding… I think it’s Dark Sky!

  • Kevin: What are your goals for 2022?

KELTEK:Very big plans! More thematic and slightly a bit harder. Lots of good stuff on the way for 2022.

  • Logan: Somewhat like Roy’s question, was Hardstyle your start in music production or did you produce other genres before settling on Hardstyle?

KELTEK: I started out producing Jumpstyle when this was an upcoming style. Back than I was still learning.

  • Sarah: What’s your favourite track of 2021? Both from your own production and of a colleague.

KELTEK: My own favourite track of this year will be Run With The Restless. My favourite track from my colleagues will be Devin Wild – Broken.

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