D-Block & S-te-Fan and Frontliner about their collab World Of Dreams


Ever since we heard World Of Dreams for the first time we got hooked! Since its release, this banger has been on repeat at the Scantraxx office. We sat down with D-Block & S-te-Fan and Frontliner to talk about this highly anticipated collab, how they came up with it, what the production process was like, and much more. 


This week, you guys released World Of Dreams, a long-awaited collab! How did you guys come up with the idea of World Of Dreams?

DBSTF: The track started under the project name: Perfect 10 and after that: The Sun. We came up with Perfect 10 because the first melody is not following the typical pattern that songs normally follow. It has a different way of counting. That's the reason why you also can't really mix over the first melody (why would you, that's why we made the second melody haha).

We are big fans of the early Frontliner songs with those typical melodies so we really wanted to add that to the second part of the track. After we had those we wrote the vocals. Stefan had the idea of using "Children of the Night" as a theme, and we just started adding meaning to that hook. And then World of Dreams was born!

Frontliner: We actually started our collaboration around 2016 after we did our first track together, Friction, together with Hard Driver. A few weeks after we finished Friction we came together for a new track. The very first version of this track was actually called ‘The Sun’. At some point, we left it for what it is for a while, but last year we finally picked it up again!


Can you tell us more about the production process? What is it like when three legends work together?

DBSTF: It was amazing to work with Barry, he is a talented producer and easy to work with. We just met up in the studio and created the first melody of the track. But then we started working on the Antidote album which were all solos and from there, our schedules were kind of hectic. So during COVID, we finally found the time to finish the song!

Frontliner: The fact that we both have been in the scene for such a long time and released so many tracks throughout our careers makes working on new tracks easier. 

We actually started our collaboration around 2016!

Barry, you already teased the track in a Twitch stream in 2020, how were the reactions back then? 

Frontliner: I teased a little bit of the track and people were very excited from the start!


At REBiRTH, the three of you played the track together on stage for the first time, did people react well?

DBSTF: The reactions are really cool! To be honest, when we play it the energy is really different from our solo tracks. It has a lot of energy still, but also a lot of dreamy vibes. And that as a contract in our energetic sets gives people chills. But that's exactly how we envisioned it, and why we did this collab with Frontliner in the first place. It worked out really well!

Frontliner: World Of Dreams does its job very well if you ask me!! The response was great, also being at the very first festival after the second lock-down made it very special.

Did you guys change anything about the track since you first hit the studio together at first?

Frontliner: Almost everything! We kept the first melody though, although we also made some changes to make it catchier. We had a whole different vocal originally. We sat down and wrote a new one together. Diederik even sang the first demo, I didn’t know but he can actually sing pretty well!

World Of Dreams is a real feel-good festival banger! Can we expect to hear it all summer long? Where can we see you guys play this season? 

DBSTF: Of course World of Dreams will be in our sets for the upcoming shows. We change our set quite often as we have just so many tracks to choose from, but World of Dreams is really different compared to our other tracks, so it won't be easy to take it out of our sets. We have a pretty packed tour coming up, with all the usual suspects when it comes to festivals. So we really hope to see you soon on one of our shows!

Frontliner: It's definitely in my set! I’ll be bringing the track all over the globe, from Europe to Australia and Vietnam!

Can we expect any more D-Block & S-te-Fan and Frontliner collabs in the future? 

DBSTF: Always ready for it... Next time tho, let's hope it won't take another 5 years to come to a finished product haha!

Frontliner: It’s been great working together, so why not? The question should be if the fans want to hear more though!


Thanks for taking the time!

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26 / 04 / 2022
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