Envine Scantraxx main label Interview


The master of melody Envine has just joined the infamous Scantraxx main label. We've sat down together and asked him about journey into "Melodica"!

  • Hey Alex, first of all, how are you doing these days?

I’m doing really good and I’m actually overwhelmed by all the positive responses on the main label announcement! People were like “finally, it’s time for you”.

  • You just stepped up from Scantraxx Silver to the Scantraxx main label, congratulations, great step! Can you tell us a bit more about your Scantraxx journey?

It started back in 2016 with my track “Path Of Light” on Scantraxx Silver, and after that we kept in touch. Until the moment came were they wanted to sign me and I became an official member of the Scantraxx Silver family. In the years after I kept evolving my sound and kept on releasing new music until I made the step to the Scantraxx main label!

  • What can we expect from that step?

You can expect a lot of new music. I have the idea that I not just want to work with only real singers, but also with a lot of other professional people to create amazing music in the studio together. It’s time to step up my game! 

  • You’ve been releasing music since 2013, your first Scantraxx Silver release Path of Light was in 2016. How did your sound evolve since then?

Well, I actually never stopped evolving. With every new track I tried to do something different and come up with a unique sound that is still Envine. I love to bring emotion into a track, and that is also what I want to share with the people listening to my music. You could say it is a 2010 to 2013 sound, with a new and creative touch to it. 

People were like “finally, it’s time for you to join the Scantraxx main label!”
  • How would you describe your current style?

I would say really melodic, hence the theme “Melodica”! I love to put a lot of emotion into a track and combine it with real instruments, real singers and real stories. My tracks are telling stories, and not so much my own stories, but something people can relate to. 

  • Your very first Scantraxx main label release The Way We Began ft. Nino Lucarelli will come out tomorrow, can you tell us more about that track?

I started this track about one and a half years ago, so it’s been quite the journey before it was finished! I created the melody almost instantly, but I felt it needed an emotional vocal. So I contacted Nino and he was enthusiastic about it from the beginning!

  • What was the creative process behind it? What’s the story behind it?

I first made the instrumental version and got searching for the vocal. That got me thinking of the story that I wanted to tell with this track. From there me and my management worked towards the videoclip, and for that  we wanted to tell a story, more like a short movie! 

  • Why did you choose Nino Lucarelli as the vocalist?

We’ve been working in the past on several tracks and it always turned out great. He has a lot of emotion in his vocals and that is what the track needed. Next to that we just work together really well!

  • Where do you get your inspiration from?

It can be anything actually! It could be the weather outside or something personal I’ve witnessed. It also can be in the first five minutes when I wake up or even when I sing in the shower! It’s not really something, but it can just happen basically. 

I get my inspiration from basically anything! From the weather outside to myself singing in the shower!
  • What else are you currently working on?

I’m working on a track that is dedicated to my newborn son! That’s going to be a very emotional track and I actually recorded his heartbeat when he was still inside my wife’s belly. Next to that I’ve got almost 5 tracks that are close to finishing so you’ll hear these soon enough! 

  • What can we expect from Envine in 2022?

A lot of new music! I’m aiming to be playing at big stages in the upcoming festival season. And also meeting a lot of new people and working together with them on new music. 

  • What are your goals for the future?

To be the number one DJ of the world! No, all jokes aside… I want to express my emotions in my music and share it with a lot of people around the world!

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