Demi Kanon & Adrenalize about their second collab 'Hide Away'


During the Scantraxx Writer's Camp in May, Demi Kanon & Adrenalize hit the studio together to create their second collab 'Hide Away'. Together with the singer/songwriters Meryll and Koos, they created one hell of a masterpiece. 

Hey Demi & Malthe, you guys just released your second collab Hide Away, what an amazing track! The track was created during the Scantraxx Writer’s Camp, how did you approach the production process? 

Malthe: For me, this was the first time trying to work with a singer and writer in a studio, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Usually, I do that part online. But I guess we just kinda went in with no expectations, themes, or complete ideas. Everything just happened as we went with the flow. Talked about the song, and the vibe we felt with this particular song. Very organic!

Summer was just kicking off back then so at least we knew we wanted to capture a euphoric and uplifting summer vibe.

Demi: I brought my whole PC with me that day, so we had the chance to make some adjustments in the arrangement, which turned out to have a very good workflow. We actually changed some chord progressions to make it easier for Meryl, which was a great success. For me, it was the 2nd time to work with a singer/songwriter in a studio and it was really cool to have a bit more influence on the song, instead of sending your demo and getting a vocal back. Fun day!

Did you go into the Writer’s Camp with an idea in mind already or did you start at zero?

Malthe: It’s actually kinda funny how it started. Demi sent me this melody/demo idea he had on his computer, and he actually wanted to bin it. He said he didn't really like it or feel it. But instantly when I heard it the first time, I knew it had something special. So I suggested we work on it together instead of him throwing out such a golden melody like that haha. I already had some ideas in my head after listening to it on repeat for a couple of times.

And then the writer’s camp came up, so it was perfect timing to use this demo/idea as a starting point. For me personally it always works best to have some sort of idea or demo before going into the studio together with another artist. That way you won’t get stuck as easily, and creativity flows better.

Demi: So we already had the idea to make a second collab together after our first release (Silhouette). I think it was back in September last year when I showed Malthe a melody I actually didn’t really want to use because it felt a bit “basic”. He immediately loved it. After a few listens it started to finally grow on me, it was an easy ongoing summerish melody. We decided to use it for the writer's camp. The vocal was done on the day itself :)


"I think we did a great job blending both styles"

Hide Away comes with amazing vocals, can you guys tell us a bit more about that?

Malthe: I mean... Big shout out to Meryll and Koos! I think they laid down the lyrics within the first 30-60 minutes of our session. It was really cool to watch them in this process. And then we just started recording takes, figuring out what worked and what didn't.

Demi: Meryll has a great voice. Koos did an awesome job helping with the lyrics & adding some real guitar sounds to the break, gave me goosebumps instantly. The whole session felt really natural, with no pressure, and great vibes!

How involved were the two of you in the songwriting process? 

Malthe: I think Demi and my role in the songwriting process was more about the pronunciation of some words, or how long a specific note should be sung etc. Of course, we talked about keywords and words we thought could be swapped around etc. But in all honesty… Me and Demi are better producers than songwriters haha. So again, shout out to Meryll and Koos.

Demi: They asked us if we had any subject we didn’t really like, I said “Love Songs” it’s too sweet haha. We kinda let them do their thing, giving feedback on which words could be better. As Malthe said: we are more producers than songwriters.


How did you make sure that both your styles are prevalent in the track?

Malthe: I don’t think we worried too much about that. Since the melody idea that Demi created already sounded a bit like both of us. Otherwise, there are ways of putting small elements into the song that aren't the most important sounds or parts. For example, I would put in some synth layers that I usually use, or a specific type of percussion, rhythm etc. 

Demi: For me, it comes really naturally. I think we did a great job blending both styles for example using the Adrenalize vocal leads, and the typical Demi Kanon breaks and melody style.


We love both of your guys’ collabs, can we expect more of them in the future? 
Malthe: Yeah definitely! Besides the making of “Silhouette” and now “Hide Away”, me and Demi are also really good friends, which is a big plus in my book for working together in the studio! Having fun while creating is key. So yeah I'm sure this won’t be the last you will hear from us together :) 

Demi: I think both collabs were a big success so far! Love to see people reacting so well on our tracks. So definitely not the last time me and Malthe are sitting in the studio together.

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