D-Attack & Nathalie Blue about 'Killer'


How to produce a song at a writers camp, bad jokes & more

Yesterday D-Attack released his new track 'Killer'. With this sixth track from his ‘Project Attack’ album already out in the open, D-Attack prepares to close down this adventure with an unforgettable hard-hitter. Featuring the stunning voice of Nathalie Blue who tells the story of what it truly means to live on the edge, this one is a climatic and powerfull record. We asked them about this Killer track and how it came to life at the Scantraxx Writers Camp.



Hey Sybren & Nathalie, your guys’ track Killer just got released, congrats! Can you tell us how the idea for this track originated? 

Nathalie Blue: I am so happy and excited about this song, I have been looking forward to the release of this song! The song was created at a songwriting camp. D-Attack had a project called “Project Attack”, a mini album. They started to tell us about it, they still needed a song with the letter K, so we started joking around and screaming out random funny stuff. Then someone blurted out “Well I was born like a killer”, we all liked that sentence a lot and so, “killer” was born…

D-Attack: We were invited by Scantraxx for the writer’s camp. The first thing that came to mind was, We have to make the last track of the mini album over there! Because all the other tracks were already finished. Adrenaline, Thunder, Throttle, Attack and Conquer.. So we needed to do something with the letter K! 



You created the track during the Scantraxx Writer’s Camp, how did you approach the production process? What did you start with? 

Nathalie Blue: First of all the camp was a blast! Actually this was one of my favorite groups to work with. D-Attack showed us a sketch of an instrumental, which Rogier and I really loved. We just started singing melodies to the instrumental, until one of the melodies just clung on to us, we couldn’t forget it. And that’s where it all started. 

D-Attack: It was the first writer’s camp that we ever did haha! We’ve made a sketch of the track at my studio. A part of the break and the melody. Nathalie and Rogier went on the vocals and started singing around on the melody. I was completely hooked when everything came together. We had such a great vibe that day! It was a massive experience. 



Nathalie, how did you come up with the vocals for the track? How do you usually start a songwriting process? 

Nathalie Blue: I usually stand behind the microphone and just improvise, from the improvisations I form a “Verse-PreChorus-Chorus” scheme. Then brainstorm and write lyrics. However when writing “Killer” we just started singing random melodies until one melody stuck with us, then came the scheme, brainstorming and lyrics. Of course the whole process was full of weird, crazy jokes (the weird ones were mostly mine, especially the stickers). Without the good vibe this song wouldn’t have been the killer it is now!

"Without the good vibe this song wouldn’t have been the killer it is now!"

Did you finish the track during the Writer’s Camp or did you finalize it after? 

Nathalie Blue: Of Course we finished the vocals and lyrics at the camp, when you’re having fun everything goes very smooth and quickly. However the production had to be worked on after the camp so that the production would compliment the vocals and vice versa. Last but not least, and very important was the mixing and mastering, this was also done after the camp.

D-Attack: I wish the track was finished in 1 day haha! It took a few days when the track was finally finished. We had to keep it catchy and powerful at the same time. At one night I was laying in bed and my inspiration kicked in. So I went back to the studio at 2 am to finish some stuff. I love it when this happens, that makes the track so special!


What was the most challenging part of creating the track? 

Nathalie Blue: The most challenging for me was the fact that WE HAD SOOOOO MUCH FUN and that I, and I think everyone was sad that our session and song were done. I mean we had such a blast, at such a moment you just wanna keep going.

D-Attack: The most challenging part was to work with a singer & songwriter in a studio for the first time! We had so much fun that day so everything went easy. Big shout out to Scantraxx for this experience! 


How was your guys’ chemistry in the studio? Can we expect more tracks together in the future? 

Nathalie Blue: HAH The chemistry was amazing, I loved working with D-Attack and Rogier, definitely my type of people! Although I hope they love me back as much as I love them, because I can be very annoying with my jokes and stickers. I’m pretty sure we will be cooking up some more “Killer” songs. So stay tuneddddd.

D-Attack: The chemistry sucked! Nathalie was horrible and Rogier were screaming around the whole time.. No just kidding haha! I would love to work again with these talented people. Never experienced so much creativity in one room. We already made some plans for another studio session. SO ANOTHER ‘KILLER’ TRACK IS COMING UP IN THE FUTURE!  


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