Prospexx presents: Rebind Q&A


His adventure with hardstyle started 8 years ago. One day he was randomly scrolling through YouTube and found Wasted Penguinz - Melancholia and Frontliner - Indestructible. He instantly fell in love with euphoric melodies and wanted more. Since that moment Rebind has followed hardstyle. 

His passion for hardstyle helped him through some rough times and producing helped him a lot from distraction of his problems, Rebind says. “Also just listening to it with friends makes the mood in the room go up, which I love. Through hardstyle I have met so many people which I am good friends with today. I even met people that also produce hardstyle and don’t live too far away from me. For instance Venture, Snowstylez and Mindrockerz. They will always help with my productions and vice versa.” Furthermore the DJ gets inspired from Audiofreq and Atmozfears, “as they seem like such characters and their music is so creative and good.

Rebind got inspired for the midintro of his newest track ‘Headbang’ through Sickmode. “I was also messing around with a beat and thought of combining them. The main story behind the track is to let loose and go crazy, that’s why I named it ‘Headbang’. The fact that you can mess around in this genre and just try different types of kicks and breaks is what I love most about producing hardstyle. It always gives me new and different ideas.” Rebind says.

Rebind’s future plans are to release more tracks and climb the ladder. “I hope to go from upcoming talent to a label like Scantraxx Silver. Also when this pandemic mostly blows over, I want to try and get more gigs as I love performing and DJing!

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