Prospexx presents: SL Complex Q&A


He has been producing for almost 10 years, from old electro house to progressive house, but decided to stop these styles and follow his dream of producing hardstyle. He is excited about his first release on Scantraxx Prospexx, “Giving In”. Get to know the 27 year old DJ from São Paulo, SL Complex

My adventures in hardstyle are very recent.” The Brazilian DJ says. “I have been producing hardstyle for about 10 months. More precisely, I started in November 2020. I decided to follow my dream which is not to be just a famous producer. But to be an influential person in hardstyle in Brazil. We only have two representative producers and dj’s.

What the DJ likes the most when producing hardstyle is to transmit happiness with melodies and intense drops. ”And to make people forget the problems we all have in life to enjoy the moment. I like to say that the producers create memories.

SL Complex has a lot of inspirations, he says. “All of them are from Scantraxx. Devin Wild is one of them, because of his creativity which I think is amazing. Kronos because of the intense drops and energy. D-Charged because of the perfect distortion and impeccable melodies. These DJ’s are the reason I chose Scantraxx to send my demos to, and try to become a member.

Besides hardstyle the DJ also really likes rock. “I thought the idea of putting elements from both sides together could be really cool. When I started the track “Giving In”, a part of the lyrics motivated me to never give up. I wanted to show that everything is possible. When I finished the track, I listened to it a lot to see if I had managed to get where I wanted. I think I did it, because it was accepted by the label I always dreamed of.” SL Complex says. 

SL Complex is very excited about his first release on Scantraxx Prospexx, he says. “Not to mention that I’m the first Brazilian on this label. I would love to hear from people and what they think of this work! I’m sure this is the most important period of my career.” Furthermore the DJ wants to thank Scantraxx for believing in his work. “I am extremely happy with everything that’s happening! I will continue to dedicate myself to keep improving, and always bring unique sensations to people.” 

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