Bright Visions joins Scantraxx Silver

Interview with Bright Visions


First of all, how are you doing these days?

TBH, pretty good. Quite busy with school atm (full-time internship), going to the gym and of course still hyped about joining Scantraxx Silver!


You just stepped up from Scantraxx Prospexx to Scantraxx Silver - congrats! How does that feel?

Thanks! It honestly feels really good. A fresh new step forward was much needed during these strange times. It motivates a lot to be part of your dream label.

What can we expect from that step?

A lot of music which is even better than my previous stuff. Some more melodic/euphoric tracks and a whole new look and feel to Bright Visions with a new logo!

Can you tell us a bit more about your track Falling Apart? How did you approach the production process?

A little fun fact, this track was started a year ago. I wanted to create something similar to my track Feel Alive but more melodic and much more feeling put into it. I found the vocals you heard and was so satisfied with them. Somehow, only that one sentence “I’m Falling Apart” could tell a whole story. After creating the break, the rest just fell into place. 

What was the A&R process at Scantraxx Silver like?

Even though the track was started a year ago, I perfected it towards this moment. The whole team agreed that this track needed to be the first track for Scantraxx Silver. 


Besides joining Scantraxx Silver, you also are working together with a huge agency! How will that impact your career and can you tell us a bit more about that?

Yes, that's right! At the moment I can’t tell too much about which agency that is yet…. They are a huge player in the scene and have an incredible experience. Hopefully, I can announce this soon to you!


What can we expect from Bright Visions in the future?

Trying to be more experimental, a more narrowed sound that represents Bright Visions better, and a few awesome things I can’t tell much about yet! Be sure to stay tuned for that.


Bright Visions - Falling Apart is out this Friday!
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