Bass X Machina: Combining Hardstyle and Science-Fiction


Bass Modulators is discussing his new hardstyle act, Bass X Machina in this exclusive interview. This unique act features a sci-fi theme about a time traveler who warns humanity about the dangers of technological developments like A.I. The music is harder and faster than Bass Modulators' usual sound, but still melodic and deep, and the live shows will feature visuals and a special outfit to bring the sci-fi concept to life. In this interview, we will explore what inspired Bass Modulators to create this act, what sets it apart from other hardstyle acts, his goals for the project, and upcoming projects and gigs. Join us as we delve into the world of Bass X Machina.


  • Can you tell us about your new act and what we can expect from it? How did Bass X Machina come about? 

Bass X Machina started of as an idea I already had a few years ago after making the track ‘Bass Ex Machina’.  It means ‘Bass from the Machine’.

It will be my new hardstyle act with a sci-fi theme about a time traveler who comes back to this age to warn humanity about the dangers of technological developments like A.I. 

The storyline for the act will be all about the different possible timelines for our future. The music will be harder and faster than I would normally make as Bass Modulators but yet still melodic and deep. The live shows will feature visuals and a special outfit that helps to bring the sci-fi concept to life. 


  • What inspired you to create Bass X Machina? What does the act stand for?

Bass X Machina was born out of my love for hardstyle and science fiction. I wanted to create an act that combined those two passions and delivered a unique experience to fans. I’m always intrigued by what the future will bring us. Especially nowadays with all the technological developments that are going crazy fast. Music wise I wanted to go a little harder and faster than I would normally do with Bass Modulators, so I thought; why not just start a new act next to Bass Modulators to do this.


"It will be a fully immersive experience"
  • What sets the Bass X Machina sound apart from other hardstyle acts? What will your signature sound sound like?

Bass X Machina stands for a unique blend of hardstyle music and sci-fi storytelling. It will be a fully immersive experience. The sound will be really futuristic with lots of technological elements and futuristic sound design. It will be strongly influenced by my love for (hard)Trance. So you will definitely hear that back in the tracks.  I also want to try some new stuff and experiment with the boundaries of hardstyle with this act.  And the BPM will range somewhere in between 155 and  200 bpm.

  • What are your goals with Bass X Machina? 

My main goal is to take things to the next level. To search for the boundaries of hardstyle and even cross them and give the fans an experience they will remember. I like to combine the more raw hardstyle nowadays with more epic and emotional melodies that will give you goosebumps. I will bring back the more musical side of hardstyle without losing the high energy.


  • How do you see the hardstyle scene evolving in the coming years, and where do you see Bass X Machina fitting into that evolution?

I hope and think that we will go back to more quality produced hardstyle filled with great melodies and epic sound design. Nowadays it looks like everybody wants to make the hardest track, but my mission is to shock the scene with a different approach music-wise and put the focus more on quality hardstyle again but still with really high energy.


  • Can you tell us about any upcoming projects you have in the works?

Right now I’m working on a lot of new music to premiere at Defqon, and most of it will have unique Bass X Machina signature sound. And there will also definitely be some new Bass X Machina edits of Bass Modulators tracks or other well known tracks you might know. But like I said, it will be all really different from 155 bpm with epic trance kind of melodies to 190 bpm uptempo kind of stuff. 


  • What can we expect from Bass X Machina gigs? Will there be a special outfit or other elements? 

Yes, it will be a full experience. But if you want to know what it’s all about, make sure you’ll come to one of the shows this summer.  ;)

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