This is how you submit your demo to Scantraxx


Read these tips before submitting your demo to Scantraxx!

Each day, we at Scantraxx receive heaps of demos. Some of them are approved for release, while others get rejected. To increase your chances of getting your track released, we've collected some tips, together with our A&R team, on how to submit your demo to Scantraxx, read on!


- All our demos are handled through scantraxx.com/demos, only use the form on the website to submit your demo
- Make sure your track is an mp3 file
- Always upload an Extended Mix
- Make sure that the track is named properly (Artist - Title.mp3)
- Your track doesn't have to be mastered
- Only send over fully finished tracks
- While our A&R team is evaluating your track, don't send it to other labels
- We accept Harder Styles only
- Be patient, we receive a high amount of demos. If our A&R team likes your track, they will get back to you within 30 days
- Don't submit the same demo twice
- You may be required to make certain changes to your track to meet our standards
- Make sure to include some information about yourself and links to your socials in the 'description' field on the demo website 
- Don't get demotivated when your track gets rejected - keep on improving your sound and submit another demo once you feel ready to


Becoming a Hardstyle producer requires time, determination, passion, learning, and improvement. Some artists produce for years before having their first release. Always keep getting better, learn from others, and don't give up when you experience drawbacks. And who knows, maybe we'll see you release on one of our sub-labels soon! 

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